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Angst Anthem

Energetic Pop Punk in the vein of NOFX, Green Day, Simple Plan, Blink 182, etc. Catchy and angst-ridden. Great for action, extreme sports, car chases, trailers, exercise videos, video games, anything that requires lots of energy and excitement!

action, buzzcocks, catchy, driving, driving clash, fast, intense, new found glory, pop punk, punk, rocks, skater kids, uptempo

Another Night-WCT

Bright electro-pop track with uplifting vibes and modern production values. Has an uptempo and positive attitude. Very danceable and radio-friendly with groovy and catchy melodies.

aerobics, beats, bright, dance, electro pop, energetic, european, fashion show, happy, lively, pop, positive, synth-bass, synths, teen pop, trendy, uplifting, workout


A pop rock instrumental hitting both happy and melancholic emotions. Features clean electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and rock drums. Modern production values.

acoustic guitar, bad romance, break up, clean electric guitar, don't leave, heartbreak, losing, loss, melancholic, melancholy, mellow rock, minor tonality, pop rock, romantic


Driving rock track with an uplifting and anthemic sound. Great underscore for a positive or inspiring message. Modern, cool and moving music with a pulsating groove. Sounds like Interpol, Oasis, Coldplay, Travis, U2. Great music for TV and radio commercials, reality TV shows, movie trailers, etc.

dramatic, dynamic, energetic, epic, hip, inspirational, intense, motivating, powerful

Arm In Arm-WCT

Acoustic guitar, acoustic piano and cello. Flowing and warm, folksy yet contemporary.

beautiful, cello, flowing, guitar, piano, pretty, warm


Whooshing riser.

dolby, drastic, harsh, loud, sudden, surprise


Hip Hop track featuring aggressive, edgy synths, percussion, strings and modern beats. It also has melodic elements and a dramatic build-up.

aggressive, dark, dramatic, edgy, hip-hop, intense, percussion, strings, suspense, synths


A bumper perfect for a media company's vanity card.

corporate, disney, dreamworks, inspiring, orchestra, vanity

Awkward Bumper

An "uh-oh" sounding acoustic guitar bumper.

acoustic guitar, fail, failure, light, lighthearted, lose, loser, losing, silly, soft, uh-oh

Awkward Pause

Whistling and acoustic guitar come together to create an awkward sounding bumper with a slight pause.

acoustic guitar, light, lighthearted, silly, soft, whistle

Back In The Game-WCT

A positive, feel-good acoustic guitar song about never giving up on your dreams. A catchy tune that sounds a bit like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, etc. Upbeat, motivational, all about achievement and success. Great corporate presentation, sports commercial or theme song. Wholesome and uplifting.

@1songs, acoustic, catchy, corporate, jack johnson, jason mraz, light, mellow, motivational, soft, song, upbeat, uplifting, wholesome


Dramatic piece that features piano. Emotional music that tugs on the heartstrings. Great underscore for people overcoming difficult challenges in their life or any scene that is deeply personal and poignant. Music that is ideal for radio and TV commercials, reality TV shows and films.

beauty, death, delicate, documentary, frail, heartbreaking, hope, hopeful, hopeless, loss, sad, sadness, serious, sorrowful, strength, touching, tragedy, tragic, vulnerable

Bad Situation-WCT

Dramatic underscore for serious, dark and tension filled moments.

dark, distant, drum machine, light, marimba, marimba melody, serious, slow, strings, suspense, suspenseful, synth, tense, tension, underscore

Bag Of Nails

electric guitar, b3 organ, riffs, bass, drums, gritty, adventure, traveling, sports, punchy, clashing, rivalry, motorcycles, cars, choppers, hitting the road, drama, graphics, football, hockey, highlights, promo, fast paced, uptempo, NBC, NFL, NBC, CBS, FYI, Counting Cars, Mobsteel, The Raconteurs, Dead Weather, Jack White, The Kills

adventure, b3 organ, bass, cars, choppers, clashing, drums, electric guitar, fast paced, football, gritty, highlights, hitting the road, hockey, motorcycles, promo, punchy, riffs, rivalry, sports, traveling, uptempo


drums, electric guitar, bass, distortion, motorcycles, bikers, agitated, angt, teenagers, running, chase, tune up, cars, racing, vandals, vandalism, punks, anarchy, anarchists, badass, jack white, x games, lazaretto, white stripes, sting ending decay

agitated, anarchists, anarchy, angt, badass, bass, bikers, cars, chase, distortion, drums, electric guitar, jack white, lazaretto, motorcycles, punks, racing, running, sting ending decay, teenagers, tune up, vandalism, vandals, white stripes, x games


Coming to you straight from the exotic jungles of Africa. This track has a tribal, mellow and mysterious vibe.

africa, amazon, brazil, congo, exotic, guinea, jungle, mellow, mysterious, mystery, rainforest, sinister, soft

Beat Seeker

Twangy guitar riff with an ultra cool retro vibe. Very groovy baby!

007, 1960s, austin powers, cool, fab, garage rock, hip, james bond, lo-fi, spy, surf rock, tarantino flick, the who

Beer Goggles

electric guitar, harmonica, bass, drums, blues, delta, outback, down south, hunting, pranking, up to no good, fishing, History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, Pawn Stars, Duck Dynasty, cold ending decay

bass, blues, cold ending decay, delta, discovery, down south, drums, Duck Dynasty, electric guitar, fishing, harmonica, History Channel, hunting, National Geographic, outback, Pawn Stars, pranking, up to no good

Before Dawn-WCT

Hip-Hop, RnB track with acoustic guitars, deep bass, cool beats and mellow keys. Groovy, smooth and elegant. It has an urban style and modern production values.

acoustic guitars, beats, elegant, hip-hop, keys, melancholic, mellow, percussion, r&b, reflective, romantic, sad, smooth, sweet