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Mad Boys-WCT

Upbeat and youthful dance pop track, featuring cool, modern synth layers, driving bass lines and club beats. Positive attitude with modern production values. This track works well for youth targeted promos, party scenes, fashion shows and reality TV programs.

aerobics, beach party, bright, catwalk, celebrating, clubbing, cool, dancing, electro, energetic, fashion, fitness, free, groovy, happy, models, motivational, partying, romantic comedy, runway, shimmering, sports, summery, teen pop music, uplifting, wholesome, workout

Main Stream-WCT

An atmospheric instrumental with clean electric guitar solos and hypnotic bass lines.

atmospheric, clean electric guitar, expansive, hypnotic, large

Make It Alright-WCT

Inspirational pop rock track with a big, driving sound. Sounds a bit like Daughtry and other similar type artists and bands. Great for TV and radio commercials, sports and reality shows etc.

dramatic, driving, epic, inspirational, motivational, positive

Make It Up-WCT

Acoustic pop rock with a heartfelt and inspirational vibe. Great for TV and radio commercials, sports and reality shows etc.

dramatic, driving, genuine, inspirational, motivational, positive, sincere

Make Your Head Nod-WCT

A confident-sounding Hip-Hop Dance track. Full of cutting lead synths and classic Hip-Hop groove. Cutting-edge, quirky and off-the-wall.

commercial, confident, cutting, cutting-edge, dance, edgy, electronic, hip-hop, lead synth, off-the-wall, quirky, slow

Makes Me Happy-WCT

Acoustic guitar and acoustic piano in a simple duet. Flowing and warm, folksy yet contemporary.

folky, guitar, piano, positive, pretty, simple, warm

Malibu Girl

A sunny, fun electro-pop jam with a 1990s feel! Think '90s pop-divas like Madonna and the Spice Girls.

1990s, beat, california, diva, electro, fun, jam, madonna, pop, rad, spice girls, spice world, summer, summery, sunny, vogue


A hypnotic ambient instrumental with acoustic guitar, atmospheric synths, and driving percussion.

acoustic guitar, ambient, atmospheric, driving, european, hypnotic

Mantra Moon

A lighthearted acoustic guitar-driven 'grass-is-greener' song.

@1songs, acoustic guitar, light, lighthearted, low key, male, man, medium, mellow, quiet, singer-songwriter, somewhere else, vocal, vox


Dreamy, melodic and hypnotic pop rock track with jangly guitars and a driving beat. Perfect music for adding a positive energy to your production!

1980s, 80s, atmospheric, celebratory, dramatic, dreamy, driving, emotional, epic, ethereal, hypnotic, indie, jangly, lush, majestic, melodic, modern english, moody, new romantic, new wave, pop rock, reflective, romantic, shimmering, soaring, spirited, triumphant, uplifting

Menace Beach

electric guitar, bass, drums, gritty, fuzz, cruising, lofi, lo-fi, west coast, adventure, surfing, vacation, feel good, uptempo, Ride With Norman Reedus, The Growlers, Black Lips, Jay Reatard, The Libertines, The Ramones, cold ending decay

adventure, bass, Black Lips, cold ending decay, cruising, drums, electric guitar, feel good, fuzz, gritty, Jay Reatard, lo-fi, lofi, Ride With Norman Reedus, surfing, The Growlers, the libertines, the ramones, uptempo, vacation, west coast

Metal Waltz

A fun, lighthearted rock song with contrasting soft and loud, straight-ahead rock and metal components with lyrics about the awesomeness of metal music.

@1songs, acoustic, acoustic guitar, contrast, electric guitar, fun, funny, hard rock, imitation, male, man, metal, rock, rock 'n roll, rock n roll, vocal

Microbus Boogie-WCT

Southern-fried blues rock featuring harmonica and acoustic guitar. A fast, hard-driving track. Great music to underscore rural scenes, smokey bars, tough guys, blue collar workers and rugged characters. Foot stompin' and hand clappin' music that'll add a heap of bluesy energy to your production!

blues traveler, boogie, canned heat, carefree, driving, fun, greasy, la grange, retro, shuffle, uptempo, zz top


Ultra cool and quirky indie rock track with a catchy melody and a spacy, retro-modern sound. Perfect music for adding an upbeat and hip vibe to your production. Buddy movie, rom-com, TV commercial, movie trailer, urban angst, nosy neighbors, film opening, neo-60s, nostalgic.

1960s, 60s, alternative rock, buddy movie, film opening, foster the people, garage rock, groovy, hipster, indie pop, lo-fi, movie trailer, neo-60s, neo-psychedelia, nostalgic, nosy neighbors, peter bjorn john, pumped up kicks, rom-com, tv commercial, urban angst, young folks

Missed Connection-WCT

A chill pop instrumental with Electro Pop and Pop Rock elements. Features electric guitar melody and ear-catching synths. Modern production values.

brooding, care-free, chill, contemplative, electric guitar, electro pop, light, medium tempo, pop rock, synths

Modern Medicine-WCT

Evocative, colorful and percussive underscore inspired by visions of science, medicine, research labs, CSI and technology.

business, corporate, medicine, percussive, science, technology


A country rock song about heading to Modesto. Features vocal harmony and clean electric guitars.

@1songs, california, central valley, classic, clean electric guitar, down, guitar harmony, male vocal, man, men, nashville, south, vocal harmony

Mojo Filter

A straight-ahead rock 'n roll track with a catchy hook, unusual use of electric guitar filters and finger snapping. Great for giving your production attitude!

attitude, bluesy, catchy, electric guitar, finger snapping, guitar filters, medium slow tempo, moody, rock 'n roll

Moment Of Truth-WCT

Orchestral/Hip Hop hybrid track perfect for scenes competitive in nature. Perfect for action, sports and scenes that include physical competitiveness. Epic orchestral/Hip Hop hybrid track with an uplifting, inspirational, motivational, anthemic, and proud feel.

anthemic, brave, competition, courageous, dramatic, epic, hip hop, inspirational, motivational, orchestral, physical prowess, play-offs opening montage, powerful, proud, serious, sports, sports highlights, strength, uplifting

Monkey Ride-WCT

An ambient instrumental featuring heavy synth lead and electric guitar soundscapes.

ambient, brooding, depressed, down, drum machine, heavy synth, introspective, lonely, melancholic, melancholy, sad, saw synth