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Saddle Up

electric guitar, riffs, harmonica, bass, drums, distortions, southern, down south, choppers, bikers, cars, swagger, entrance, NBC, CBS, History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, NFL, NASCAR, Blackfoot, Sons Of Anarchy, Duck Dynasty, Sons of Guns, sting ending decay

bass, bikers, Blackfoot, cars, CBS, choppers, discovery, distortions, down south, drums, Duck Dynasty, electric guitar, entrance, harmonica, History Channel, nascar, National Geographic, NBC, nfl, riffs, Sons Of Anarchy, Sons of Guns, southern, sting ending decay, swagger


Hip Hop track with exotic eastern vibes.The sitar and indian strings blend with very cool percussive grooves, funky piano stabs, scratches and driving deep bass-lines. Upbeat and very positive attitude, danceable and sexy mood.

bouncy, cool, dance, exotic, groovy, hip-hop, indian strings, lively, positive, r & b, reality show, sexy, sitar, upbeat, uplifting

Santorini Sunset

A fun and elegant Greek Pop track with key Mediterranean instruments. Perfect for commercials selling a Mediterranean product and ambience, elegant and ethnic party scenes, and more!

acoustic, big greek wedding, casual elegance, dinner, greek, greek guitar, mediterranean, medium tempo, wine


A summery ambient instrumental with acoustic guitar, clean electric guitar and synths. Modern production values.

acoustic guitar, atmospheric, bass, care free, clean electric guitar, glittery, good feeling, happy, major tonality, medium tempo, mellow, summery, sunny, synth melody, synths, warm

Scene Queen

Straight-ahead rock track that sounds like a band playing in a nightclub. Inspired by songs like "The Subways - Rock n Roll Queen" and "The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner."

assault, brawl, club, electric guitar, fight, guitar solo, loud, medium, melee, nightclub, rock, rough, slow, straight ahead, tough, violence, violent

Scruffy Rocker

Raw, rowdy and fast hard rock track with a sloppy party vibe. Powerful, fiery, hard-driving music perfect for sports, news, chases, frat parties, fast cars, smokey bars, grungy and gritty urban themes.

bars, cars, chases, fast, fiery, fight, frat parties, gritty, grunge, hard driving, hard rock, motorcycles, news, party, powerful, raw, rowdy, sloppy, smokey, sports, urban

Sea Dance

acoustic guitar, finger picking, bass, drums, percussion, bongo, lighthearted, carefree, wedding day, special occasion, first love, new day, TLC, Lifetime, Say Yes To The Dress, One Day, Joseph Arthur, Damien Rice, sting ending decay

acoustic guitar, bass, bongo, carefree, Damien Rice, drums, finger picking, first love, Joseph Arthur, Lifetime, lighthearted, new day, One Day, percussion, Say Yes To The Dress, special occasion, sting ending decay, TLC, wedding day

Seed Of Evil

Creepy piano, bells and organ that build to an intense climax. Very scary! Sounds a bit like Tubular Bells from The Exorcist. Tension-building, crime in progress, CSI evidence lab, Lie to Me, high tech discoveries, and introductions for new products and presentations.

breaking news, credits, creepy, crime, dark, eerie, evil, horror, intense, medical discoveries, movie, murder, psychological drama, scary, spooky, surreal, tension building, trailer


An atmospheric and chill reggae-inspired track with heavy synths and clean electric guitar.

ambient, beach, bob marley, california, caribbean, chill, dusk, electric guitar, evening, gentle, mellow, quiet, relaxed, relaxing, soft, sun, sunny, synthesizer, twilight


Dubstep track with driving synths, punchy beats and wobble bass stabs. Aggressive track with melodic elements and modern production values.

bright, cool, dubstep, dynamic, electro, energetic, motivational, playful, powerful, sports, synths, wobble bass


Capturing the sound of the 1960s! An organ-driven track. Sounds like The Caesars, The Doors, The Kingsmen, Question Mark & the Mysterians etc. Very Shagadelic baby! Super fun retro, kitschy, campy, swaggering music with lots of attitude and street smarts! Perfect for romantic comedies and family fun.

1960s, 60s, austin powers, beatle boots, british invasion, carnaby street, go go boots, mini skirts, mod, mods, pirate radio, pop art, question mark mysterians, ruffled shirts, swinging london, the caesars, the doors, the kingsmen, twiggy, yeah baby

Shakin' Club-WCT

EDM track, great for the dancefloor or workout. Featuring modern electro synths and synth-bass. An uplifting and optimistic mood.

aerobics, club music, dance-pop, dancing, electro house, groovy, motivational, positive, teen pop, uplifting, workout

She Looks Like She is Sleeping-WCT

Laying peacefully at rest, the child looks like she is sleeping. This heartbreaking, deeply emotional underscore is crafted with tender piano, tearful strings, and a delicate synth pad. Gently supporting the scene, the music delicately paints the mood with sorrow and loss. A tragic loss of life.

charity, cinematic, crying, deep, depressed, deserted, inner conflict, misery, mourn, poignant, sacrifice, sad, soft, somber, sorrowful, struggle, tender, underscore

She Said What-WCT

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She Walks In Beauty-WCT

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Shoot The Moon

drums, bass, electric guitars, synth leads, strumming, build up, anticipation, feeling good, get together, family and friends, party, celebration, sports, NFL, TNF, Drake and Josh, Drake Bell, Zoey 101, cold ending decay

anticipation, bass, build up, celebration, cold ending decay, Drake and Josh, Drake Bell, drums, electric guitars, family and friends, feeling good, get together, nfl, party, sports, strumming, synth leads, TNF, Zoey 101

Shuckin Around-WCT

Upbeat and carefree music. A bouncy track that's perfect for silly and goofy comedy scenes. Down home southern flavored fun. Practical joke. Animals, kids and adults doing silly things. America's Funniest Videos.

cartoons, comedy, driving, energetic, fun, goofy, lighthearted, practical joke, southern, southern fun, upbeat

Side By Side-WCT

A mellow acoustic guitar, synth and bells track. Perfect for time with children, romantic comedies and quirky scenes with the likes of Zooey Deschanel.

acoustic guitar, baby, bells, birth, caring, child, children, comedy, gentle, hospital, infant, loving, mellow, nursery, pregnancy, preschool, quiet, quirky, romantic, romcom, school, slow, soft, synth

Sighs and Whispers-WCT

A thoughtful acoustic guitar track with a light piano melody. Great for lost love, memories of good times, melancholic break-ups, romances, family issues, and scenes that need an injection of sadness mixed with hope.

acoustic guitar, cry, crying, gentle, light, lose, lost, love, melancholy, mellow, piano melody, romance, romantic, romcom, sad, soft, tear jerker, tears

Simple And True-WCT

Acoustic, electric and processed guitars, with various other plucked and strummed instruments, percussion and pads creates a landscape of optimism, beauty, serenity and introspection.

dreamy, folky, introspective, optimistic, positive, pretty