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Dreamy laid-back pop song with a summertime vibe. Lyrics about letting your mind go and enjoying the world around you. Dig the happy vibes, Baby! Sunny, catchy tune, chillout lyrics, beautiful vocal harmonies, a '60s retro sensibility. Fun for beach parties, gals in sundresses and a little romance.

@1songs, beach, catchy, chillout, dreamy, enjoyable, happy, laid back, letting go, male vocals, party, poppy, retro, romance, romantic, singing, song, summer, summertime, summery, sunny, vocal harmony


electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keys, solo, electric piano, bass, drums, distortions, badass, swagger, stand off, entrance, rivalry, fighting, History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, Jack White, White Stripes, The Kills, Dead Weather, Sons Of Anarchy, sting ending decay

acoustic guitar, badass, bass, Dead Weather, discovery, distortions, drums, electric guitar, electric piano, entrance, fighting, History Channel, jack white, keys, National Geographic, rivalry, solo, Sons Of Anarchy, stand off, sting ending decay, swagger, The Kills, white stripes

Unspoken words

Emotional acoustic guitar piece. Perfect underscore for a sad or deeply dramatic scene.

downer, emotion, gentle, heart-wrenching, longing, love, melancholy, moody, painful, poignant, quiet, relationships, romantic, sweet, tearjerking, tender, thoughtful, warm

Up Rising-WCT

A gothic, action-orchestral instrumental track. Features church choir syllables and agitated strings, along with sharp percussion and brass. Has a morose and despairing aesthetic, as if the hero will die.

choir, choral, death, death of hero, despair, despairing, die, dying, end, gothic, lose, losing, loss, orchestra, orchestral, sad, termination, voices

Utopia Street-WCT

Cheerful and lighthearted instrumental featuring acoustic guitars and piano. Great music for adding a sweet, sentimental and sunny vibe to your production.

bliss, blissful, bright, cheerful, elated, euphoric, glad, happy, jolly, joyful, lighthearted, sunny, sweet