Tracks tagged "acoustic guitar"

Stay The Night-WCT

A quirky acoustic guitar driven hip hop track, with a slight Middle Eastern vibe.

acoustic guitar, driving, exotic, fast, middle eastern, quirky, vocal effects

Love Tender-WCT

Sincere acoustic track for tender moments.

acoustic, acoustic guitar, cello, folk, innocent, major, medium tempo, piano, sincere, sweet, tender

Joyful Noise-WCT

Sincere acoustic track for tender moments, and times of clarity and achievement.

achieve, achievement, acoustic, acoustic guitar, cello, corporate, folk, innocent, major, medium tempo, piano, productive, sincere, success, tender, victory

Fields of Wonder-WCT

Sincere acoustic track featuring piano, acoustic guitar, and cello for tender moments.

acoustic, acoustic guitar, cello, folk, innocent, major, medium tempo, piano, sincere, sweet, tender

Black Bayou

electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, drums, reverse fx, swamp, southern, fishing, hunting, bayou, outback, down south, deliberation, bartering, wandering, underscore, History Channel, Discovery, True Blood, True Detective, Killing Fields, cold ending decay, Appalachian

acoustic guitar, bartering, bass, bayou, cold ending decay, deliberation, discovery, down south, drums, electric guitar, fishing, History Channel, hunting, Killing Fields, outback, percussion, reverse fx, southern, swamp, True Blood, True Detective, underscore, wandering

Sea Dance

acoustic guitar, finger picking, bass, drums, percussion, bongo, lighthearted, carefree, wedding day, special occasion, first love, new day, TLC, Lifetime, Say Yes To The Dress, One Day, Joseph Arthur, Damien Rice, sting ending decay

acoustic guitar, bass, bongo, carefree, Damien Rice, drums, finger picking, first love, Joseph Arthur, Lifetime, lighthearted, new day, One Day, percussion, Say Yes To The Dress, special occasion, sting ending decay, TLC, wedding day


electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keys, solo, electric piano, bass, drums, distortions, badass, swagger, stand off, entrance, rivalry, fighting, History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, Jack White, White Stripes, The Kills, Dead Weather, Sons Of Anarchy, sting ending decay

acoustic guitar, badass, bass, Dead Weather, discovery, distortions, drums, electric guitar, electric piano, entrance, fighting, History Channel, jack white, keys, National Geographic, rivalry, solo, Sons Of Anarchy, stand off, sting ending decay, swagger, The Kills, white stripes

The Greek

acoustic guitar, bass, drums, percussion, greece, traveling, exploring, uptempo, festivities, dancing, snooping around, sneaking, tip toes, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, My Grandmothers Ravioli, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrells, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, sting ending

acoustic guitar, bass, Cooking Channel, dancing, drums, exploring, festivities, greece, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrells, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Grandmothers Ravioli, percussion, sneaking, snooping around, sting ending, tip toes, Travel Channel, traveling, uptempo

Eon's Tune-WCT

Light-hearted track with vocal humming, accordion, over a polka groove.

accordion, acoustic, acoustic guitar, care free, carefree, comedy, drums, humming, light hearted, light-hearted, oompa, polka, quirky, silly, upright bass, vocal


Carefree acoustic track with acoustic guitar melody, upright bass, and light drum set. Great for comedy, particularly montages, fast-motion and off-the-wall type scenes.

acoustic, acoustic guitar, care free, carefree, comedy, drums, light hearted, light-hearted, oompa, polka, quirky, silly, upright bass


A light, happy and fun track featuring quirky men's choir, acoustic guitar, brush drums, upright bass and percussion. Ideal for comedy themes or funny scenes.

acoustic, acoustic guitar, brushes, choir, comedy, fun, hand claps, humor, humorous, jokey, light hearted, light-hearted, male choir, percussion, quirky, scat, scatting, Two and a Half Men, upright bass


A summery ambient instrumental with acoustic guitar, clean electric guitar and synths. Modern production values.

acoustic guitar, atmospheric, bass, care free, clean electric guitar, glittery, good feeling, happy, major tonality, medium tempo, mellow, summery, sunny, synth melody, synths, warm


A pop rock instrumental hitting both happy and melancholic emotions. Features clean electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and rock drums. Modern production values.

acoustic guitar, bad romance, break up, clean electric guitar, don't leave, heartbreak, losing, loss, melancholic, melancholy, mellow rock, minor tonality, pop rock, romantic

Surprise For You-WCT

Sunny guitar pop instrumental. Happy, carefree, peaceful. Features acoustic guitar, clean and soft distorted electric guitar, drum synths, and percussion. Great reality TV, reveals, establishing shots, corporate presentations, and scenes with dialog.

acoustic guitar, clean electric guitar, drum synth, electric guitar, establishing, gentle, happy, mellow, peaceful, poppy, summery, sunny, tambourine


A soft and gentle folk track with a methodical acoustic guitar vamp, piano and a soft organ line.

acoustic guitar, child, children, folk, gentle, innocent, love, mellow, piano, quirky, soft, unrequited love


A hypnotic ambient instrumental with acoustic guitar, atmospheric synths, and driving percussion.

acoustic guitar, ambient, atmospheric, driving, european, hypnotic


A light and summery pop instrumental with piano, acoustic guitar, drums, and clean electric guitar.

acoustic guitar, carefree, clean electric guitar, drums, happy, light, piano, summer, sunny, uplifting

Come On Let Go-WCT

A poppy Hip-Hop track with a soft beat and strumming acoustic guitar. Reflective, introspective and heartfelt.

acoustic guitar, emotional, heartfelt, hip-hop, introspective, introverted, light, melancholic, melancholy, mellow, pop, quiet, reflective, relieved, soft, strings

Cool Cats-KP-WCT

Upbeat Hip-Hop track featuring acoustic guitars, scratches and cool beats. In the vein of Justin Timberlake. Groovy and positive mood with modern production values.

acoustic guitar, bright, cool, groovy, happy, hip hop, joyful, justin timberlake, percussions, pop, positive, r&b, rnb, scratches, sexy, upbeat, uplifting


A simple and slightly melancholic finger-picked acoustic guitar track, with piano accompaniment. Quiet and peaceful.

500 days summer, acoustic guitar, finger picking, folk, indie, medium tempo, melancholic, melancholy, peaceful, piano, quiet, simple

Paper Clouds-WCT

An innocent-sounding indie pop track featuring whistling and acoustic guitar. Evokes the simple joys of a child.

acoustic, acoustic guitar, babysitting, child, children, daycare, finger picking, innocent, joy, light hearted, nursery, peaceful, simple, whistle, whistling

Whistle Happy

A lighthearted country campfire ditty with whistling and acoustic guitar and upright bass.

acoustic guitar, america's funniest videos, apple dumpling gang, camp fire, classic country, comedy, country, cowboy, fun, funny, green acres, happy, hilarious, jokes, joyful, upright bass, whistle, wild west

Music Lessons-WCT

A sweet acoustic pop-folk track. Sounds tender and content. Perfect underscore for heartwarming montages.

acoustic guitar, acoustic pop, child, folk, heartwarming, kid, medium tempo, piano, soft pop, sweet, tender, young

Dip Cone-WCT

Quirky instrumental acoustic track evoking a couple on a cute date, spending time at the park, farmers market and carnival. Great for TV commercials showcasing simple joys and perfect for projects with a similar vibe to "500 Days of Summer."

500 days summer, acoustic, acoustic guitar, carefree, carnival, child, children, content, cute, electric bass, farmers market, gentle, happy, innocent, kid, light, medium tempo, mellow, park, piano, quirkiness, quirky, simple, zooey deschanel


Interesting mixture of folk sounds with a sliding electric guitar to give this instrumental modern and surreal appeal.

acoustic guitar, electric guitar, folk, folksy, gentle, home, homey, hopeful, innocent, mellow, piano, pleasant, pleasing, sliding, slow, surreal

Dirt Road Blues-WCT

A southern acoustic blues instrumental with soulful guitar licks and a classic chord progression. Great for scenes depicting the American South and the grandeur of beautiful rural America.

acoustic guitar, america, blues, countryside, dirt road, idyllic, innocent, medium tempo, plodding, rural, soulful, south, walking


This lighthearted acoustic folk song features a sweet and catchy melody played on acoustic guitar and piano making for a nice and simple tune.

acoustic, acoustic guitar, catchy, innocent, light hearted, love, medium tempo, piano, quirky, simple, sweet


This soft and expansive acoustic guitar track will add space and depth to your scene. It evokes the quiet, stillness and beauty of the great American West.

acoustic guitar, ambient, american west, beautiful, brokeback mountain, country, cowboy, depressed, depressing, gentle, lonely, melancholic, melancholy, mellow, quiet, ranch, rancher, relaxing, rural, sad, slow, soft, still, stillness, west


A quiet, acoustic guitar track with light strings background.

acoustic guitar, gentle, light, mellow, quiet, strings

Sighs and Whispers-WCT

A thoughtful acoustic guitar track with a light piano melody. Great for lost love, memories of good times, melancholic break-ups, romances, family issues, and scenes that need an injection of sadness mixed with hope.

acoustic guitar, cry, crying, gentle, light, lose, lost, love, melancholy, mellow, piano melody, romance, romantic, romcom, sad, soft, tear jerker, tears

Side By Side-WCT

A mellow acoustic guitar, synth and bells track. Perfect for time with children, romantic comedies and quirky scenes with the likes of Zooey Deschanel.

acoustic guitar, baby, bells, birth, caring, child, children, comedy, gentle, hospital, infant, loving, mellow, nursery, pregnancy, preschool, quiet, quirky, romantic, romcom, school, slow, soft, synth

Pieces Of The Game-WCT

A bluesy folk western song about working hard but feeling the misery of being a cog in the wheel of greed. Features biting lyrics, slide guitar, and harsh acoustic guitars and mandolin.

@1songs, acoustic, acoustic guitar, biting, blues, breaking bad, dark, edgy, electric guitar, folk, hard, mandolin, misery, slide guitar, western, work

Old Dirt Road-WCT

A sweet, acoustic guitar-driven tune. Emotional and uplifting, evoking nostalgic memories of country days gone by.

acoustic, acoustic guitar, folksy, gentle, mellow, nostalgic, organ, peaceful, quiet, slow, sweet

Off The Ledge-WCT

A pop-country cross-over song about getting through the drudgery of the day and needing to inject some fun! This track has elements of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, but with modern sounds.

@1songs, acoustic groove, acoustic guitar, change, crosby, csn, csny, electric guitar, fun, harmonica, hope, male, modern, nash, optimistic, second chance, singing, song, stills, summer, summery, vocal, vocals, young

No One People

Emotional and serious rock ballad with a good groove. Lyrics that celebrate ordinary people and reject celebrity culture. A lilting, beautiful song about the joys in life once you realize the spiritual humanity of your fellow man rather than chasing fame and fortune. Heartwarming and triumphant.

@1songs, acoustic guitar, beatles, gavin degraw, groovy, harmonica, john lennon, low key, male, melodic, onerepublic, piano, poppy, ryan tedder, singing, snappy, song, vocals

Mystic Groover

Turn it up to the epic sound of Mystic Groover with its infectious choruses and band solos played with abandon! A true rock 'n roll song in every sense.

1970s, @1songs, acoustic guitar, backup singers, catchy, classic, electric guitar, fun, guitar driven, infectious, loud, male, man, medium, vocal, vocal harmony

My Guitar Never Sleeps

A song about how playing guitar is the singer's saving grace. A mixture of acoustic and electric guitar in a catchy tune.

@1songs, acoustic guitar, classic, electric guitar, fun, guitar driven, male, man, medium, vocal

Metal Waltz

A fun, lighthearted rock song with contrasting soft and loud, straight-ahead rock and metal components with lyrics about the awesomeness of metal music.

@1songs, acoustic, acoustic guitar, contrast, electric guitar, fun, funny, hard rock, imitation, male, man, metal, rock, rock 'n roll, rock n roll, vocal

Mantra Moon

A lighthearted acoustic guitar-driven 'grass-is-greener' song.

@1songs, acoustic guitar, light, lighthearted, low key, male, man, medium, mellow, quiet, singer-songwriter, somewhere else, vocal, vox


A cute and quirky child's tune. Sounds fun with harmonica, glockenspiel and synth keyboard!

acoustic guitar, baby, child's, children, comedy, discovery, frolic, fun, happy, harmonica, infant, innocent, keyboard, kid, learning, light, lighthearted, mellow, precious, quirky, school, student, synth

High Decibel Dream Child

A song about the glory of rock. Catchy lyrics and harmonizing guitars! Rock like The Eagles.

@1songs, acoustic guitar, classic, guitar harmony, lead electric, medium, rock, solo, straight ahead, thoughtful lyrics, vocal, vox

Flamenco Joe

This Spanish-inspired track is classy and sophisticated, just like latin dance should be.

acoustic guitar, claps, dance, europe, latin, mexico, sexy, spanish guitar, zorro

Dakota Sky-WCT

This instrumental evokes wide-open countrysides and the beauty of nature. A positive and uplifting acoustic guitar track.

acoustic guitar, america, beautiful, beauty, country, happy, medium tempo, nature, positive, rural, wide open countryside

Boxcar Travelers-WCT

A soothing down home bluegrass tune played on banjo and acoustic guitar. Bring the serenity and simplicity of rural America to your production!

acoustic guitar, banjo, bluegrass, gentle, innocent, mellow, rural, serene, serenity, simple

Awkward Pause

Whistling and acoustic guitar come together to create an awkward sounding bumper with a slight pause.

acoustic guitar, light, lighthearted, silly, soft, whistle

Awkward Bumper

An "uh-oh" sounding acoustic guitar bumper.

acoustic guitar, fail, failure, light, lighthearted, lose, loser, losing, silly, soft, uh-oh

Klassical Akoustic

Folk music with a happy, warm and sunny vibe. Great music to underscore a sunny day, nature, kids playing or any scene that needs a little warmth and positive emotion. Catchy tune that is light, innocent, upbeat and sincere. Sounds like simple classical music played on acoustic guitars.

acoustic guitar, bach, child, childlike, children's, classical, happy, innocent, kid, nature, positive, sense of wonder, simplistic, sunny, sweet, warm

The Park Bench

Emotional piano and orchestra piece. Simple, melodic, reflective, nostalgic, tender and a little whimsical. Great for anything that requires sweet and sentimental music to tug at the heartstrings. Perfect underscore for commercials, dramatic films and TV shows.

acoustic guitar, bluesy, dramatic, emotional, gentle, heartwarming, melancholic, melancholy, nostalgic, orchestra, piano driven, quirky, reflective, romantic comedy, romcom, sad, sentimental, simple, sweet, tender, whimsical

Goodbye To What Was

Acoustic guitars and fretless bass create a bittersweet mood. Heartfelt music that is perfect underscore for a sad or deeply emotional scene.

acoustic guitar, bittersweet, blue, breakup, down, dramatic, earthy, easy, emotion, emotional, fretless bass, goodbyes, heartbroken, heartening, heartfelt, heartwarming, longing, melancholic, melancholy, mellow, reflective, sad, sensitive, sincere, soulful, sweet, thoughtful, touching, warm

Transistor Daze

Melodic pop rock meets alternative country in this guitar driven instrumental. This track has a laid-back, positive, Americana vibe.

acoustic guitar, alternative, americana, commercial, corporate presentation, country, easy, guitar driven, laid back, medium tempo, melodic, pop rock, positive