Tracks tagged "classic"

Rock Steady

electric guitar, piano, bass, drums, distortions, classic, driving, open road, cars, motocycles, overcoming, winning moment, Discovery Channel, Discovery, History Channel, Counting Cars, Fast N Loud, Mobsteel, Def Leppard, Molly Hatchet, ZZ Top, cold ending

bass, cars, classic, cold ending, Counting Cars, Def Leppard, discovery, Discovery Channel, distortions, driving, drums, electric guitar, Fast N Loud, History Channel, Mobsteel, Molly Hatchet, motocycles, open road, overcoming, piano, winning moment, zz top

Street Corner Waltz

A schmaltzy, 1970s orchestral waltz, a style straight out of Lawrence Welk. Perfect for adding a romantic flair to your scene!

1970s, 3/4, 6/8, carefree, clarinet, classic, gentle, lawrence welk, light, mellow, orchestral, quiet, romance, romantic, schmaltzy, waltz

Rockie Talkie

A straight-ahead rock track featuring classic electric guitar lines. Perfect for adding something peppy that won't get in the way of your scene or commercial.

america, bar, cars, classic, commercials, country, good time, medium, motorcycles, party, peppy, rock, rock 'n roll, straight ahead

Mystic Groover

Turn it up to the epic sound of Mystic Groover with its infectious choruses and band solos played with abandon! A true rock 'n roll song in every sense.

1970s, @1songs, acoustic guitar, backup singers, catchy, classic, electric guitar, fun, guitar driven, infectious, loud, male, man, medium, vocal, vocal harmony

My Guitar Never Sleeps

A song about how playing guitar is the singer's saving grace. A mixture of acoustic and electric guitar in a catchy tune.

@1songs, acoustic guitar, classic, electric guitar, fun, guitar driven, male, man, medium, vocal


A country rock song about heading to Modesto. Features vocal harmony and clean electric guitars.

@1songs, california, central valley, classic, clean electric guitar, down, guitar harmony, male vocal, man, men, nashville, south, vocal harmony

High Decibel Dream Child

A song about the glory of rock. Catchy lyrics and harmonizing guitars! Rock like The Eagles.

@1songs, acoustic guitar, classic, guitar harmony, lead electric, medium, rock, solo, straight ahead, thoughtful lyrics, vocal, vox

Hank Williams

A dark and haunting country song about Hank William's vices. Perfect for historical documentary films, TV shows, commercials, source music for bar scenes, etc. Perfect music for adding a hip and moody vibe to your production!

@1songs, addiction, alternative country, amphetamines, bad, bad ass, classic, country & western, danger, dangerous, downtempo, drugs, gloomy, honky tonk, legend, morphine, mysterious, ominous, pills, seconal chloral hydrate, shadowy, song, tragic, twangy, vocals

G.O.N.E. Gone

A driving, fun and rocking country song about not taking any more abuse from your lover. Exciting guitar solos, classic slide guitar and relatable lyrics ensue!

@1songs, catchy, classic, country, driving, fun, love song, mainstream, nashville, slide guitar, vocals

Feedback Flowers

A tribute to the classic rock and Woodstock generation.

1960s, @1songs, classic, flower power, guitar, mellow, monterey, old school, soothing, star child, summer of love


Raw and dirty rock track. Perfect music for adding an edgy vibe to your production! Great for action, extreme sports, car chases, trailers, exercise videos, video games, anything that requires lots of energy and excitement!

1960s, action, bad, bar, big, black rebel motorcycle, blues rock, classic, cow bell, dirty, edgy, electric 6, garage rock revival, guitar, hard rock, lo-fi, loud, punk rock, raw, strong, sunset, the black keys, the hives, the sonics, the vines, the white stripes

Soul Sixty-Two

Early 1960s bluesy frat rock featuring the Vox organ. Toga toga toga!

1960s, 60s, blues rock, classic, frat rock, toga, vox organ

Hoodoo Barbeque

Old time, guitar driven rock 'n roll. Classic 1950s sound for a dash down memory lane. Fun, fast, campy. Frat parties, beer busts, NASCAR, sports themes.

1950s, american graffiti, beer bust, campy, classic, fast, frat party, fun, grease, nascar, old time, rock, sports