Tracks tagged "cowboy"

Lone Wolf

harmonica, electric guitar, slide guitar, outback, western, cowboy, swamp, river, fishing, sunrise, sunset, early morning, countryside, heat, working hard, labor, landscapes, History Channel, Discovery, Duck Dynasty, Before The Dynasty, Amish Mafia, Sons Of Guns, Yukon Gold, No Country For Old Men, Django Unchained, cold ending decay

Amish Mafia, Before The Dynasty, cold ending decay, countryside, cowboy, discovery, Django Unchained, Duck Dynasty, early morning, electric guitar, fishing, harmonica, heat, History Channel, labor, landscapes, No Country For Old Men, outback, river, slide guitar, Sons of Guns, sunrise, sunset, swamp, western, working hard, Yukon Gold

Whistle Happy

A lighthearted country campfire ditty with whistling and acoustic guitar and upright bass.

acoustic guitar, america's funniest videos, apple dumpling gang, camp fire, classic country, comedy, country, cowboy, fun, funny, green acres, happy, hilarious, jokes, joyful, upright bass, whistle, wild west


This soft and expansive acoustic guitar track will add space and depth to your scene. It evokes the quiet, stillness and beauty of the great American West.

acoustic guitar, ambient, american west, beautiful, brokeback mountain, country, cowboy, depressed, depressing, gentle, lonely, melancholic, melancholy, mellow, quiet, ranch, rancher, relaxing, rural, sad, slow, soft, still, stillness, west

Rock Man

A celebratory modern rock track with soaring electric guitar melodies.

america, bar, bright, cars, celebration, country, cowboy, electric guitar, happy, party, peppy, rural, soaring guitar, strong, uplifting

Playa Piano-WCT

A ragtime folk tune with piano, bells, tuba, acoustic guitar. Perfect for saloon, cowboy and wild west scenes!

americana, country, cowboy, fun, happy, piano, quirky, ragtime, saloon, western, wild west

Lone Rider

In the style of 1960s spaghetti western films, a twangy guitar melody over a surf beat. Sounds a bit like The Ventures, The Shadows and Ennio Morricone. Great for those upbeat "Make My Day" moments in films and corporate commercials. Bold, brave, heroic, fun and vibrant.

1960s, badass, bold, brave, clint eastwood, cowboy, fun, gun fight, gunfighter, heroic, make my day, sergio leone films, sixties, spaghetti western, theme song, threatening, twangy guitars, vibrant, wild west

Rock School

Catchy rock track. Could be used as a theme song. Perfect music to underscore people having fun, parties, commercials, sports and any production that needs a shot of good time rock n' roll!

america, bar, cars, catchy, country, cowboy, fast, fights, fun, good time, loud, medium, men, party, rock, rock 'n roll, rural, sports, straight ahead, strong


Hi-energy classic rock with a fun, party vibe that's played with wild abandon. Think beach and tailgate parties, frat parties, teens going wild and crazy and total destruction.

action, corporate, cowboy, destruction, electric guitar solo, energetic, fun, high energy, hot cars, loud, party, presentations, raucous, rock, sports, western, whoopee, wild