Tracks tagged "credits"

Seed Of Evil

Creepy piano, bells and organ that build to an intense climax. Very scary! Sounds a bit like Tubular Bells from The Exorcist. Tension-building, crime in progress, CSI evidence lab, Lie to Me, high tech discoveries, and introductions for new products and presentations.

breaking news, credits, creepy, crime, dark, eerie, evil, horror, intense, medical discoveries, movie, murder, psychological drama, scary, spooky, surreal, tension building, trailer


Modern rock/electronica featuring fuzz bass, blazing guitars and an ethereal piano melody that kicks into hard rock with big, aggressive guitar riffs. Sounds like Muse, U2 and Kings of Leon. Perfect for a turbo-charged racing or sports theme song, credits, movie trailers, advertising, corporate ads and presentations, and TV commercials.

advertising, aggressive, big, corporate ad, credits, electronica, ethereal, fuzz bass, hard rock, kings of leon, loud electric guitar, modern rock, movie trailer, muse, piano, presentation, racing, sports, theme song, turbo charged, tv commercial, u2

Broken Things

Catchy modern rock track with lots of attitude and emotion. Sounds a bit like "21st Century Breakdown" by Green Day. Powerful, emotional and edgy. Rebellious, driving and defiant anthem. Upbeat, motivational, corporate branding, positive, powerful teamwork music. Overcoming hardships and winning!

21st century breakdown, alternative rock, background, catchy, contemporary, credits, film trailer, green day, hard rock, intro, melodic, modern, punk rock, segue, tv commercial