Tracks tagged "electric bass"

Blues Meanies-WCT

A thrashing and wild blues rock featuring searing harmonica lines and a driving electric guitar and bass hook.

bar, biker, blue collar, common, driving, drum set, electric bass, electric guitar, harmonica, roseanne, thrashing, wild, working man

Indie Lover-WCT

A fun and care-free Pop Rock instrumental. Atmospheric and sunny. Modern production values.

atmospheric, california, drums, electric bass, electric guitar, indie rock, pop rock, shimmery, shiny, summery, sunny, synths


A light synth track with retro 8-bit sounds. Modern production values.

8-bit, atmospheric, drums, electric bass, hand drum, light, mellow, nintendo, soft, sunny, synths


A slightly sad Electro Pop instrumental cue with a classic chord progression. Great underscore for melancholic scenes.

ambient, clean electric guitar, drum machine, electric bass, electro pop, melancholic, melancholy, sad, synths, teenager


A dark and ambient pop instrumental track. Modern production values.

ambient pop, clean electric guitar, dark, depressed, drum machine, electric bass, piano, sad


A straight-ahead and fun Drum 'n Bass track featuring electric bass and electric guitar hooks in the middle. Modern production values.

continuous, driving, drum 'n bass, electric bass, electric guitar, electronic, electronica, synths, techno

Dip Cone-WCT

Quirky instrumental acoustic track evoking a couple on a cute date, spending time at the park, farmers market and carnival. Great for TV commercials showcasing simple joys and perfect for projects with a similar vibe to "500 Days of Summer."

500 days summer, acoustic, acoustic guitar, carefree, carnival, child, children, content, cute, electric bass, farmers market, gentle, happy, innocent, kid, light, medium tempo, mellow, park, piano, quirkiness, quirky, simple, zooey deschanel

Paradise Found

A quirky, folksy and sweet indie pop tune with ukelele, piano, electric guitar, electric bass and light clapping. Perfect for TV commercials selling innovative products and media trying to break into pop culture.

apple, clapping, different, electric bass, electric guitar, indie, light, medium tempo, piano, pop, quirky, soft, sweet, tv commercial, ukelele, western digital

Ska Surfer

Uptempo Ska track with a fun party vibe. Sounds a bit like Fishbone, Sublime and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Great horn section and driving drums and bass!

beach, california, celebration, celebratory, coast, driving, drums, electric bass, fast, fishbone, happy, horn section, jam, joy, joyous, malibu, oc, orange county, party, ska, sublime, surf, surfer, the mighty bosstones, west coast