Tracks tagged "electric guitar driven"

Dual Quads

A fast and wild rock instrumental. Great for party scenes and for productions that need a taste of the out-of-control!

drums, electric guitar driven, extreme sport, fast, hard rock, jack ass, jackass, loud, mtv, out of control, party, rock, searing, untamed, wild, x games


A straight-ahead rock 'n roll instrumental. Medium tempo-ed, snappy and guitar driven.

electric guitar driven, let loose, medium tempo, rock, snappy, straight ahead, tight


Fast and furious rock with loud guitars and lots of attitude. Sounds like the Offspring, Motorhead, Sum 41, Green Day, Blink-182 etc. NASCAR, extreme sports, action-packed determination, hot cars, men's fashion.

action packed, attitude, blink-182, determined, electric guitar driven, extreme sports, fast, furious, green day, harsh, hot cars, loud, men, men's fashion, motorhead, nascar, offspring, sum 41