Tracks tagged "electronic guitar"


Mysterious and atmospheric track with brooding pads, muted rhythmic guitars, time-ticking percussion and piano motifs. A track with light tension, mystery and anticipation, very suitable for crime shows, psychological thrillers, spying themed movies and game shows.

anticipation, anxious, apprehensive, creepy, crime, dark, eerie, electronic guitar, investigation, lurking, medium tempo, mystery, nail biting, nervous, ominous, pulsating, spy, suspense, suspenseful, synth, tense, time ticking, underscore, worried

Quirky Uke Fun-WCT

Sweet ukelele, piano, and synth track for tender moments.

acoustic, bells, electronic guitar, folk, glockenspiel, innocent, major, medium tempo, piano, sincere, sweet, synth, tender, uke, ukelele

Agitated State-WCT

Dramatic underscore featuring marimba for serious, dark and tension filled moments.

dark, distant, drum machine, electronic guitar, light, marimba, marimba melody, serious, slow, suspense, suspenseful, synth, tense, tension, underscore