Tracks tagged "groove"

Like a Dragonfly-WCT

A grooving alternative rock track with driving bass and synth combo coming in at 0:46. Cool, bright synth and glockenspiel enter the fray at 2:00. Great for cool moments.

alternative, anthem, anthemic, bass guitar, car, chill, cool, dance, drums, electric guitar, epic, groove, groovy, hopeful, imagine dragons, large, luxury, melancholy, reverb, rock, sexy, synth, twinkle


piano, electric guitar, upright bass, acoustic bass, drums, percussion, jazz, groove, dancing, undercover, chasing, on the run, Travel Channel, Anthony Bourdain, Great Gatsby, cold ending

acoustic bass, Anthony Bourdain, chasing, cold ending, dancing, drums, electric guitar, Great Gatsby, groove, jazz, on the run, percussion, piano, Travel Channel, undercover, upright bass


electric guitar, harmonica, bass, drums, distortions, riffs, groove, dirty, gritty, swagger, entrance motorcycles, History Channel, Discovery, Counting Cars, Mobsteel, The Black Keys, White Stripes, Jack White, Black Rebel Motorcycles Club, Sons Of Anarchy, True Blood, sting ending

bass, Black Rebel Motorcycles Club, Counting Cars, dirty, discovery, distortions, drums, electric guitar, entrance motorcycles, gritty, groove, harmonica, History Channel, jack white, Mobsteel, riffs, Sons Of Anarchy, sting ending, swagger, the black keys, True Blood, white stripes


This big grooving attention grabber races through it’s paces and gets everyone running in to hear.

fast, groove, intense, introduction, sfx

Joy Stick-WCT

A quirky, fun groover with a fat bass and unique SFX.

electronic, fast, fun, groove, quirky

Faster Fuse-WCT

A dirty, modern, sexy grinder with an infectious groove. Wanna ride?

edgy, electronic, groove, sexy, sports

Chase The Light-WCT

Electro-House track with great synth-hooks, electric guitrar riffs, driving electo bass-lines and strong beats. The music has a hint of Dubstep wobbles and is overall, bright, optimistic, uplifting and a very danceable track.

beat, bright, bubble gum, club music, dance pop, danceable, dynamic, electro house, electro pop, energetic, groove, groovy, house, party music, positive, powerful, sugary, synthesizer, teen pop, uplifting, uptempo

Slow And Steady

A laid-back, urban groove track. Very funky! Bass-driven with funk guitar, distorted guitar and drum machine. Perfect for crime shows, procedurals, buddy cop, police comedies and dramas, and anything looking for a little... bad.

bad, bad ass, bad boy, bad girl, bike, buddy cop, chill, comedy, cool, corporate, crime, criminals, distorted guitar, drama, drum machine, edgy, electric bass, funk, funk guitar, funky, groove, laid back, love scene, police, presentation, procedural, sexy, urban


A percussive, tribal movie trailer riser.

groove, grooving, movie, percussion, percussive, riser, trailer, tribal, tribe

Midnight Drive

Jazzy and cool, this cue is great for establishing a chill, sophisticated groove.

bass driven, big apple, caroline in city, cat, chill, city, cool, east coast, groove, grooving, jazz, jazzy, kat, latin, mad about you, new york, piano, sitcom, sophisticated

LL The Ladies Man

A smooth urban groove track. Sounds like Michael Jackson's "Bad" with smooth jazz elements.

bad, city, club, clubbing, contemporary, groove, groovy, las vegas, light, medium tempo, michael jackson, modern, sexy, smooth, street, urban

After School Special

This catchy tune evokes sunny, warm days, vacations, and all things wonderful with summer.

beach, care-free, chill, cool, groove, groovy, happy-go-lucky, holiday, joyful, organ, sims, summer, sunny, sunset, vacation, warm


Get down with your bad self to this groovy funk tune. With an in-the-pocket bass and funky guitar sounds reminiscent of Maroon 5, this one is sure to get those feet tapping and hips swaying.

bill withers, chicago, chilling out, cool, funk, funk guitar, funk rock, funky, groove, grooving, jamiroquai, lounge, maroon 5, pop funk, tight