Tracks tagged "harmonica"

Swamp Bottom

electric guitar, bass, harmonica, percussion, drums, reverse fx, swamp, southern, fishing, hunting, bayou, outback, down south, deliberation, wandering, underscore, History Channel, Discovery, True Blood, True Detective, Killing Fields, sting ending decay

bass, bayou, deliberation, discovery, down south, drums, electric guitar, fishing, harmonica, History Channel, hunting, Killing Fields, outback, percussion, reverse fx, southern, sting ending decay, swamp, True Blood, True Detective, underscore, wandering


electric guitar, harmonica, bass, drums, distortions, riffs, groove, dirty, gritty, swagger, entrance motorcycles, History Channel, Discovery, Counting Cars, Mobsteel, The Black Keys, White Stripes, Jack White, Black Rebel Motorcycles Club, Sons Of Anarchy, True Blood, sting ending

bass, Black Rebel Motorcycles Club, Counting Cars, dirty, discovery, distortions, drums, electric guitar, entrance motorcycles, gritty, groove, harmonica, History Channel, jack white, Mobsteel, riffs, Sons Of Anarchy, sting ending, swagger, the black keys, True Blood, white stripes


electric guitar, harmonica, bass, drums, riffs, distortion, garage, bluesy, dirty, gritty, open road, outback, western, rivalry, stand off, shoot out, NBC, CBS, History Channel, Discovery, Nat Geo, Mobsteel, Surviving America, Counting Cars, Jack White, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, Sons Of Anarchy, cold ending decay

bass, bluesy, CBS, cold ending decay, Counting Cars, dirty, discovery, distortion, drums, electric guitar, garage, gritty, harmonica, History Channel, jack white, Mobsteel, Nat Geo, NBC, open road, outback, riffs, rivalry, shoot out, Sons Of Anarchy, stand off, Surviving America, the black keys, the white stripes, western

Rough Enough-WCT

electric guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, driving, bikers, cars, choppers, on the road, competition, promo, highlights, sports, football, soccer, CBS, NBC, Fox Sports, NFL, Premier League, The Vines, Jack White, White Stripes, cold ending

bass, bikers, cars, CBS, choppers, cold ending, competition, driving, drums, electric guitar, football, Fox Sports, harmonica, highlights, jack white, NBC, nfl, on the road, Premier League, promo, soccer, sports, the vines, white stripes

Lone Wolf

harmonica, electric guitar, slide guitar, outback, western, cowboy, swamp, river, fishing, sunrise, sunset, early morning, countryside, heat, working hard, labor, landscapes, History Channel, Discovery, Duck Dynasty, Before The Dynasty, Amish Mafia, Sons Of Guns, Yukon Gold, No Country For Old Men, Django Unchained, cold ending decay

Amish Mafia, Before The Dynasty, cold ending decay, countryside, cowboy, discovery, Django Unchained, Duck Dynasty, early morning, electric guitar, fishing, harmonica, heat, History Channel, labor, landscapes, No Country For Old Men, outback, river, slide guitar, Sons of Guns, sunrise, sunset, swamp, western, working hard, Yukon Gold

Saddle Up

electric guitar, riffs, harmonica, bass, drums, distortions, southern, down south, choppers, bikers, cars, swagger, entrance, NBC, CBS, History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, NFL, NASCAR, Blackfoot, Sons Of Anarchy, Duck Dynasty, Sons of Guns, sting ending decay

bass, bikers, Blackfoot, cars, CBS, choppers, discovery, distortions, down south, drums, Duck Dynasty, electric guitar, entrance, harmonica, History Channel, nascar, National Geographic, NBC, nfl, riffs, Sons Of Anarchy, Sons of Guns, southern, sting ending decay, swagger

Beer Goggles

electric guitar, harmonica, bass, drums, blues, delta, outback, down south, hunting, pranking, up to no good, fishing, History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, Pawn Stars, Duck Dynasty, cold ending decay

bass, blues, cold ending decay, delta, discovery, down south, drums, Duck Dynasty, electric guitar, fishing, harmonica, History Channel, hunting, National Geographic, outback, Pawn Stars, pranking, up to no good

Blues Meanies-WCT

A thrashing and wild blues rock featuring searing harmonica lines and a driving electric guitar and bass hook.

bar, biker, blue collar, common, driving, drum set, electric bass, electric guitar, harmonica, roseanne, thrashing, wild, working man

Swamp Dogs

Moody blues rock instrumental featuring harmonica. Modern production values.

america, biker, blues, bluesy, electric guitar, gritty, harmonica, medium slow tempo, moody, roseanne, south, southern

Swamp Blues-WCT

A gritty and soulful instrumental blues rock track. Features soaring harmonica lines. Perfect for scenes needing a tough, masculine vibe: scenes with bars, fights, motorcycle gangs, cowboys and sports.

bars, blues rock, cowboys, fights, gritty, harmonica, harsh, masculine, motorcycle gangs, slow, soulful, sports, tough

Off The Ledge-WCT

A pop-country cross-over song about getting through the drudgery of the day and needing to inject some fun! This track has elements of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, but with modern sounds.

@1songs, acoustic groove, acoustic guitar, change, crosby, csn, csny, electric guitar, fun, harmonica, hope, male, modern, nash, optimistic, second chance, singing, song, stills, summer, summery, vocal, vocals, young

No One People

Emotional and serious rock ballad with a good groove. Lyrics that celebrate ordinary people and reject celebrity culture. A lilting, beautiful song about the joys in life once you realize the spiritual humanity of your fellow man rather than chasing fame and fortune. Heartwarming and triumphant.

@1songs, acoustic guitar, beatles, gavin degraw, groovy, harmonica, john lennon, low key, male, melodic, onerepublic, piano, poppy, ryan tedder, singing, snappy, song, vocals


A cute and quirky child's tune. Sounds fun with harmonica, glockenspiel and synth keyboard!

acoustic guitar, baby, child's, children, comedy, discovery, frolic, fun, happy, harmonica, infant, innocent, keyboard, kid, learning, light, lighthearted, mellow, precious, quirky, school, student, synth

Wonder Days-WCT

Sweet and innocent music with a childlike sense of wonder. Great music to underscore nature, kids playing, a romantic scene or any scene that needs a little warmth and positive emotion. Catchy tune that is light, sweet and sincere.

caring, childlike, children playing, contemplative, harmonica, introspective, kids, kind, light, love, lullaby, mellow, moving on, nature, park, positive, romantic, sincere, tenderness, thoughtful