Tracks tagged "harsh"

Go This Way-WCT

A clock-like ambient synth track. Dark and expansive.

ambient, clock-like, contrasting, dark, expansive, harsh, minimalist

Heavy Shuffle

A gritty, lo-fi garage rock track รก la Wolfmother. Perfect for fight scenes, bars, fast cars, motorcycles and general testosterone-induced pandemonium.

aggressive, classic rock, electric guitar, fight, garage rock, garage rock revival, gritty, harsh, lo-fi, party, rock 'n roll, rough, slamming, tough, wolfmother

Swamp Blues-WCT

A gritty and soulful instrumental blues rock track. Features soaring harmonica lines. Perfect for scenes needing a tough, masculine vibe: scenes with bars, fights, motorcycle gangs, cowboys and sports.

bars, blues rock, cowboys, fights, gritty, harmonica, harsh, masculine, motorcycle gangs, slow, soulful, sports, tough

Deserts Of Mars

A modern rock track with an edgy flair. Perfect for those moments of high intensity with a smooth, sexy affect.

aggressive, arena, breaking benjamin, electric, electro rock, hard, harsh, intensity, modern, nickelback


Whooshing riser.

dolby, drastic, harsh, loud, sudden, surprise


Fast and furious rock with loud guitars and lots of attitude. Sounds like the Offspring, Motorhead, Sum 41, Green Day, Blink-182 etc. NASCAR, extreme sports, action-packed determination, hot cars, men's fashion.

action packed, attitude, blink-182, determined, electric guitar driven, extreme sports, fast, furious, green day, harsh, hot cars, loud, men, men's fashion, motorhead, nascar, offspring, sum 41


Aggressive, edgy heavy metal combined with a Middle Eastern melody. Heavy Metal in an exciting and exotic mix, creating a unique guitar track perfect for adding energy to almost any media production. Angry, hard and destructive, extreme sports, corporate, high tech, manly sports.

aggressive, angry, dark, destructive, edgy, energetic, energy, exciting, exotic, extreme, fast, hard, harsh, heavy metal, loud, middle eastern, nu metal, sporty, turn table

Trash Landing

Aggressive and edgy rock with a slightly dark and industrial vibe. Perfect for extreme sports, fast cars and men who like machines.

aggressive, arena rock, dark, edgy, extreme sports, harsh, industrial, loud, metal, stadium rock, tough, x games, xtreme

Fuzz Attack

Overdriven guitar riff drives this loud and in-your-face modern rock track. Sounds a little like Blur's "Song 2." Turn it up to 11 and hit the fuzz pedal!

aggressive, contrast, distortion, fast, harsh, in your face, loud, modern, overdrive, pop