Tracks tagged "james bond"

Take the Bank-WCT

Racing against the clock, the team maneuvers into position and breeches the bank. The alarm is tripped and the pressure mounts as they hurry to crack the safe and steal the goods. Crafted with dramatic percussion, edgy guitars, and unique synths and samples, this cue underscores tension and drama.

action, bank robbery, Bourne, CIA, crime, driving, FBI, james bond, percussive, pulsating, pulsing, secret agent, spy, spying, stealing, suspense, symphonic, underscore

Beat Seeker

Twangy guitar riff with an ultra cool retro vibe. Very groovy baby!

007, 1960s, austin powers, cool, fab, garage rock, hip, james bond, lo-fi, spy, surf rock, tarantino flick, the who