Tracks tagged "las vegas"

Bye It Over-WCT

A laid back, inebriated Hip-Hop instrumental. Great underscore for scenes of wealth, fame and fortune.

club, clubbing, drug use, drugged, drugs, drunk, drunken, gang, gangster, girls, hood, las vegas, limo, love, party, street

Am Risin' Hot-WCT

A chill Hip-Hop instrumental with organ, strong lead synth and thumping kick. Great underscore for people cruising the Las Vegas strip and living the high-life.

chill, club, clubbing, drunk, drunken, las vegas, lead synth, organ, party, relaxed, strong, thudding, thumping, wild, winning

Can't Hold Me Down-WCT

West Coast-style Hip-Hop track. Cool bass-lines and steady beats blend with piano, electric guitar and strings in the style of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog. Has a laid-back groove with a sexy touch.

bass, beats, bouncy, confident, cool, funky, groovy, hip hop, las vegas, los angeles, piano, positive, sexy, shopping, strings, synths, teen pop, west coast

LL The Ladies Man

A smooth urban groove track. Sounds like Michael Jackson's "Bad" with smooth jazz elements.

bad, city, club, clubbing, contemporary, groove, groovy, las vegas, light, medium tempo, michael jackson, modern, sexy, smooth, street, urban

Ballroom Hero

A roaring Latin track featuring burning nylon and electric guitars and a wall of percussion. Shows like Dance War and Dancing With The Stars. Nights in Rio, blazing Carnivale parties, street fairs, hot clubs, sizzling cheek-to-cheek dancing, exotic floor shows in ballrooms, hotels and Vegas.

background, brazil, caribbean, commercial, crazy horse saloon, dance, hot, las vegas, professional, rio de janeiro, romance, score, sexy, south america, spanish