Tracks tagged "loving"

The Happy Side Of Life-WCT

Tranquil folk music piece. Peaceful and relaxing. Great music to underscore love and romance, nature, rural settings, friendship etc.

calm, loving, serene, sincere, tender

Side By Side-WCT

A mellow acoustic guitar, synth and bells track. Perfect for time with children, romantic comedies and quirky scenes with the likes of Zooey Deschanel.

acoustic guitar, baby, bells, birth, caring, child, children, comedy, gentle, hospital, infant, loving, mellow, nursery, pregnancy, preschool, quiet, quirky, romantic, romcom, school, slow, soft, synth


An uplifting and spiritual pop tune with expansive yet light backing vocals (no main vocal) singing about how we all live as one people on one earth. Great for getting the energy flowing and the right mood going! Perfect for corporate presentations, spiritual organizations, and any scene where the theme is brotherly/sisterly love.

african singing, brother, church, corporate, energetic, god, happy, healthy, human, humanism, light, love, loving, modern, mosque, people, poppy, presentation, relationships, singing, sister, spiritual, synagogue, tabernacle, uplifting, world

A Life Remembered

Emotional jazz track with saxophone playing the melody. Great underscore for romance, love, loss or any scene that pulls at the heartstrings.

caring, comforting, dramatic, emotional, heartening, heartwarming, inspiring, jazz quartet, longing, loss, love, loving, melancholic, mellow, melodic, poignant, reflective, romance, sadness, sentimental, soulful, sweet, tender, thankful, thoughtful, touching