Tracks tagged "lullaby"

Promise Made On Signal Mountain-WCT

A heartfelt solo piano piece. Great underscore for an emotional, sentimental, or romantic scene or a reunion between family members, friends or lovers.

acoustic piano, affectionate, airy, child-like, fragile, innocent, light, lullaby, nursery, sensitive, solo piano, sweet, tender, warm

Wonder Days-WCT

Sweet and innocent music with a childlike sense of wonder. Great music to underscore nature, kids playing, a romantic scene or any scene that needs a little warmth and positive emotion. Catchy tune that is light, sweet and sincere.

caring, childlike, children playing, contemplative, harmonica, introspective, kids, kind, light, love, lullaby, mellow, moving on, nature, park, positive, romantic, sincere, tenderness, thoughtful