Tracks tagged "menacing"

Never Question The River-WCT

Raw, slow rock track with a deep groove, menacing vibe. Powerful, and smoldering, with punchy crescendos.

blues rock, deep groove, garage rock, menacing, ominous, portentous, rock

Light 'Em Up!

Fun, high energy and catchy rock track that's ideal for reality TV, sports and commercials. Perfect music for adding energy and excitement to your production! Sounds like Green Day, Blink-182, Sum 41, The Buzzcocks, etc. Motivational, celebratory and action-packed music!

action, aggressive, blink-182, bold, confident, driven, edgy, fast, green day, hard, intense, loud, melodic, menacing, mischievous, powerful, proud, rebel, rebellious, simple, sum 41, the buzzcocks, triumphant, uplifting

Dirty Circuits

Dirty, loud and nasty rock track with lots of attitude. Sounds like The Hives, The White Stripes etc. Perfect music for action and chase scenes, extreme sports, bad-ass and rebellious characters. Kick out the jams and add a shot of adrenaline to your next production!

bad ass, chaos, fuzz distortion, garage rock revival, hard rock, havoc, intense, jack white, mayhem, menacing, noise rock, punk, rebellious, the raconteurs


Intense hard rock track with lots of excitement and attitude. Perfect music for a chase scene, big road action scenes, movie trailers, commercials, extreme sports and any production that needs a shot of adrenalin!

confident, crazed, danger, dangerous, determined, exciting, fast, garage rock, hard rock, intense, menacing, out-of-control, punk rock, stuntman


Hard, fast and menacing rock track. Perfect adrenalin-pumping music for chase scenes, action movie trailers, hyper-action extreme sports etc.

aggressive, badass, crazed, hard, intense, loud, mayhem, menacing, raw

Behind Bars

Hard-hitting hip hop track with a sense of danger. Perfect music if you're looking for a tough, gangsta vibe. Urban, street smart, pimp city, Latino low riders, bar fights, sneaky, lurking, dodging bullets, murder scene, gang warfare, alley beefing, payback for disrespect. Menacing and bad-ass.

aggressive, angry, bad, confrontational, danger, dramatic, edgy, explosive, gangs, gangsta, ghetto, gritty, hard, hard times, hard-hitting, hip hop, hood, inmate, menacing, powerful, prison, rebellious, street, street-smart, strong, suspenseful, swaggering, tension, thrilling, tough guy