Tracks tagged "nursery"

Promise Made On Signal Mountain-WCT

A heartfelt solo piano piece. Great underscore for an emotional, sentimental, or romantic scene or a reunion between family members, friends or lovers.

acoustic piano, affectionate, airy, child-like, fragile, innocent, light, lullaby, nursery, sensitive, solo piano, sweet, tender, warm

Paper Clouds-WCT

An innocent-sounding indie pop track featuring whistling and acoustic guitar. Evokes the simple joys of a child.

acoustic, acoustic guitar, babysitting, child, children, daycare, finger picking, innocent, joy, light hearted, nursery, peaceful, simple, whistle, whistling

Side By Side-WCT

A mellow acoustic guitar, synth and bells track. Perfect for time with children, romantic comedies and quirky scenes with the likes of Zooey Deschanel.

acoustic guitar, baby, bells, birth, caring, child, children, comedy, gentle, hospital, infant, loving, mellow, nursery, pregnancy, preschool, quiet, quirky, romantic, romcom, school, slow, soft, synth