Tracks tagged "percussion"

Tokyo Ride-WCT

Hip-hop track with Asian instruments and lively mood. Cheerful and sexy track with modern production values. Works great for reality shows, ethnic scenes, and commercials.

alluring, Asian, Beijing, bouncy, China, dance, dancing, dotara, ethnic, exotic, hip hop, Japan, koto, Middle East, percussion, pipa, quirky, rap, sexy, Shanghai, Singapore, summery, Tokyo, travel, world, youthful

Nights in Bombay-WCT

Sprightly and fun world-hip-hop fusion track with a sexy mood, combining elements from the Middle East with modern percussive hip-hop beats. Music to spice up your productions with Indian flavor. Works well in Bollywood scenes and reality shows.

alluring, Asian, bells, belly dancing, Bollywood, dancing, drums, eastern, ethnic, exotic, festive, flute, foreign, indian, Middle East, Mumbai, percussion, quirky, sarod, seductive, sexy, sitar, tabla, travel, triangle, tribal, vibrant, whimsical

Indian Girl-WCT

A fun and upbeat track that blends modern hip-hop beats with exciting Indian female vocals and exotic instruments. A joyful trip through the streets of Delhi and Mumbai, with a groovy and alluring mood. This track works great for Indian-oriented scenes, Bollywood productions and reality shows.

alluring, Asian, bells, belly dance, bhangra, Bollywood, cheerful, dancing, Delhi, dotara, ethnic, exotic, flirting, fusion, global, groovy, happy, India, international, Mumbai, mystical, party, percussion, Punjabi, seductive, sexy, sitar, tabla, vibrant, world

Hong Kong Streets-WCT

Electro, glitch-hop/moombahstep track with strong club beats, edgy synth sounds, wobble bass and exotic instruments like zither, pipa and percussion. Fun and upbeat track with great energy and edgy production. A mixture of modern EDM music with Asian flavors. Great for sports highlights and commercials.

Asian, bells, catwalk, clubbing, dancing, dubstep, edgy, edm, electro, energetic, ethnic, fashion, fitness, funk, funky guitar, glitch-hop, groovy, moombahstep, nightclub, percussion, runway, sarod, sexy, sports, upbeat, wobble bass, workout, wub bass, youthful, zither


piano, electric guitar, upright bass, acoustic bass, drums, percussion, jazz, groove, dancing, undercover, chasing, on the run, Travel Channel, Anthony Bourdain, Great Gatsby, cold ending

acoustic bass, Anthony Bourdain, chasing, cold ending, dancing, drums, electric guitar, Great Gatsby, groove, jazz, on the run, percussion, piano, Travel Channel, undercover, upright bass

Swamp Bottom

electric guitar, bass, harmonica, percussion, drums, reverse fx, swamp, southern, fishing, hunting, bayou, outback, down south, deliberation, wandering, underscore, History Channel, Discovery, True Blood, True Detective, Killing Fields, sting ending decay

bass, bayou, deliberation, discovery, down south, drums, electric guitar, fishing, harmonica, History Channel, hunting, Killing Fields, outback, percussion, reverse fx, southern, sting ending decay, swamp, True Blood, True Detective, underscore, wandering

Black Bayou

electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, drums, reverse fx, swamp, southern, fishing, hunting, bayou, outback, down south, deliberation, bartering, wandering, underscore, History Channel, Discovery, True Blood, True Detective, Killing Fields, cold ending decay, Appalachian

acoustic guitar, bartering, bass, bayou, cold ending decay, deliberation, discovery, down south, drums, electric guitar, fishing, History Channel, hunting, Killing Fields, outback, percussion, reverse fx, southern, swamp, True Blood, True Detective, underscore, wandering

Sea Dance

acoustic guitar, finger picking, bass, drums, percussion, bongo, lighthearted, carefree, wedding day, special occasion, first love, new day, TLC, Lifetime, Say Yes To The Dress, One Day, Joseph Arthur, Damien Rice, sting ending decay

acoustic guitar, bass, bongo, carefree, Damien Rice, drums, finger picking, first love, Joseph Arthur, Lifetime, lighthearted, new day, One Day, percussion, Say Yes To The Dress, special occasion, sting ending decay, TLC, wedding day

Pixy Stix

electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion, claps, indie rock, alternative, traveling, road trip, uptempo, sports, football, soccer, NFL, NHL, Premier League, NBC, CBS, MTV, Discovery, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Kings Of Leon, The Strokes, cold ending decay

alternative, Animal Planet, bass, CBS, claps, cold ending decay, discovery, drums, electric guitar, football, indie rock, kings of leon, mtv, NBC, nfl, nhl, percussion, Premier League, road trip, soccer, sports, the strokes, Travel Channel, traveling, uptempo

The Greek

acoustic guitar, bass, drums, percussion, greece, traveling, exploring, uptempo, festivities, dancing, snooping around, sneaking, tip toes, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, My Grandmothers Ravioli, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrells, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, sting ending

acoustic guitar, bass, Cooking Channel, dancing, drums, exploring, festivities, greece, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrells, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Grandmothers Ravioli, percussion, sneaking, snooping around, sting ending, tip toes, Travel Channel, traveling, uptempo

Project Mercury

electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion, 50s, 60s, space race, retro, vintage, black and white, surfing, diner, first love, boardwalk, west coast, beach, vacation, road trip, prom, throwback, History Channel, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, The Tornados, Bill Fury, The Growlers, Allah-Las, sting ending decay

50s, 60s, Allah-Las, American Pickers, bass, beach, Bill Fury, black and white, boardwalk, diner, drums, electric guitar, first love, History Channel, Pawn Stars, percussion, prom, retro, road trip, space race, sting ending decay, surfing, The Growlers, The Tornados, throwback, vacation, vintage, west coast


A light, happy and fun track featuring quirky men's choir, acoustic guitar, brush drums, upright bass and percussion. Ideal for comedy themes or funny scenes.

acoustic, acoustic guitar, brushes, choir, comedy, fun, hand claps, humor, humorous, jokey, light hearted, light-hearted, male choir, percussion, quirky, scat, scatting, Two and a Half Men, upright bass

Bionic Symphonic-WCT

Epic hybrid track with huge-sounding orchestra, electronic, choral, and rock elements. Builds continuously to the end. Perfect for building large amounts of tension.

apocalypse, apocalyptic, choir, choral, electronic orchestra, heavy, huge, hybrid, intense, medium tempo, minor tonality, orchestra, orchestral, orchestral rock, percussion, percussive, piano, sweeping, symphonic, symphony, tense, trumpet


A regal action-orchestral instrumental. Has interesting staccato brass and percussion interplay and a majestic trumpet melody.

action, brass, james newton howard, majestic, orchestra, orchestral, percussion, pirates of caribbean, regal, soaring, staccato, strings, trumpet melody

Rise Again-WCT

Dramatic action-orchestral cue with agitated strings, reverberant percussion, and soaring brass.

action, agitated, agitation, brass, foreboding, heroic, ominous, percussion, strings, superhero, threat, threatening

Crime Scene-WCT

Dubstep track with bright synths, punchy drums and driving synth-bass. Elegant and melodic, yet strong and energetic.

atmospheric, bright, dubstep, dynamic, electro, melodic, mysterious, mystery, percussion, punchy, synth-bass, synths, uplifting


Hip-Hop track with strong orchestral elements. West-coast style featuring horns, piano, relaxed percussive beat, strings, lead synth and warm sub-bass. Smooth and confident at the same time with dramatic and melodic touches.

beats, dramatic, elegant, hip-hop, horns, melancholic, mellow, percussion, piano, reality show, reflective, relaxed, sad, suspense, synths, tension

Eastern Vibes-WCT

Hip-Hop track with Eastern sounds and cool beats. Rich percussive grooves, flute and Indian strings blend with hip-hop beats and deep bass-lines. Upbeat and sexy, positive attitude.

bass, beats, bouncy, cool, dance, eastern, exotic, far east, fun, groovy, hip-hop, indian, indian strings, middle eastern, pakistan, percussion, positive, sitar, sultry, uplifting


Hip-Hop track with edgy, bright synths, cool percussion beats and driving bass. Orchestral strings and percussion add a dramatic touch to the track. Modern production values.

bass, beats, bouncy, confident, cool, dark, drama, dramatic, driving, groovy, hip-hop, intense, percussion, reality show, synths, tension


Quirky, orchestral hip-hop track with pizzicato strings and playful percussion beats. Has an elegant and sophisticated mood. A groovy and bouncing instrumental. Soli pizzicato strings introduce the track and at 0:17, the beat and bass join in.

elegant, fun, groovy, hip-hop, lush, orchestral hip-hop, percussion, pizzicato strings, playful, positive, quirky, reality show, regal, strings, upbeat

Desert Nights-WCT

Hip-Hop track with exotic instruments. Cool percussion blended with flute, indian strings, deep bass and quirky FX. Has an upbeat, positive and sexy mood with modern production values.

bass, beats, cool, exotic, flute, fun, groovy, happy, hip-hop, indian strings, percussion, playful, positive, quirky, r&b, rnb, upbeat, uplifting


Hip-Hop track with a modern, urban feeling. Groovy tune featuring percussive beats, piano, strings stabs, scratches and deep bass. Upbeat and positive attitude with a cool, urban vibe.

funky, groovy, hip-hop, percussion, piano, playful, pop, positive, r&b, rnb, sexy, strings, synths, upbeat, uplifting

Before Dawn-WCT

Hip-Hop, RnB track with acoustic guitars, deep bass, cool beats and mellow keys. Groovy, smooth and elegant. It has an urban style and modern production values.

acoustic guitars, beats, elegant, hip-hop, keys, melancholic, mellow, percussion, r&b, reflective, romantic, sad, smooth, sweet


Hip-Hop track with strings, piano, percussion and modern urban beats. The strings and piano add a dramatic touch. Groovy and melodic, it has a West-Coast style and modern production values.

basketball, dramatic, football, groovy, hip-hop, mlb, nba, nfl, nhl, orchestral hip hop, percussion, piano, pompous, sports, strings, suspense, tension, threatening


Hip-Hop track with orchestral elements and epic vibes. The strings have a big, cinematic sound while the beats are in a modern hip-hop style.

achievement, dramatic, epic, hip-hop, hype, motivational, percussion, sports, strings, synths, tension


Hip Hop track featuring aggressive, edgy synths, percussion, strings and modern beats. It also has melodic elements and a dramatic build-up.

aggressive, dark, dramatic, edgy, hip-hop, intense, percussion, strings, suspense, synths


A percussive, tribal movie trailer riser.

groove, grooving, movie, percussion, percussive, riser, trailer, tribal, tribe