Tracks tagged "piano"

Golden Skies-WCT

A piano driven, electronic track with snazzy beats and modern production values. The haunted piano and percussion bring in mind the New Wave era, while the beats, synths and production give it a modern twist. An artistic and tense track, suitable for commercials, sports and fashion shows.

dark, driving, edgy, electronic, energetic, fresh, futuristic, high tech, inspiring, melancholic, mysterious, piano, restless, sexy, sophisticated, urban

Quirky Uke Fun-WCT

Sweet ukelele, piano, and synth track for tender moments.

acoustic, bells, electronic guitar, folk, glockenspiel, innocent, major, medium tempo, piano, sincere, sweet, synth, tender, uke, ukelele

Love Tender-WCT

Sincere acoustic track for tender moments.

acoustic, acoustic guitar, cello, folk, innocent, major, medium tempo, piano, sincere, sweet, tender

Joyful Noise-WCT

Sincere acoustic track for tender moments, and times of clarity and achievement.

achieve, achievement, acoustic, acoustic guitar, cello, corporate, folk, innocent, major, medium tempo, piano, productive, sincere, success, tender, victory

Fields of Wonder-WCT

Sincere acoustic track featuring piano, acoustic guitar, and cello for tender moments.

acoustic, acoustic guitar, cello, folk, innocent, major, medium tempo, piano, sincere, sweet, tender


Dramatic underscore with piano and drum machine for serious, dark and tension filled moments.

dark, distant, drum machine, foreboding, light, piano, serious, slow, suspense, suspenseful, synth, tense, tension, underscore

Drama of the Day-WCT

Dramatic underscore featuring piano melody for serious, dark and tension filled moments.

dark, distant, light, piano, serious, slow, suspense, suspenseful, synth, synth choir, tense, tension, underscore


piano, electric guitar, upright bass, acoustic bass, drums, percussion, jazz, groove, dancing, undercover, chasing, on the run, Travel Channel, Anthony Bourdain, Great Gatsby, cold ending

acoustic bass, Anthony Bourdain, chasing, cold ending, dancing, drums, electric guitar, Great Gatsby, groove, jazz, on the run, percussion, piano, Travel Channel, undercover, upright bass

Rock Steady

electric guitar, piano, bass, drums, distortions, classic, driving, open road, cars, motocycles, overcoming, winning moment, Discovery Channel, Discovery, History Channel, Counting Cars, Fast N Loud, Mobsteel, Def Leppard, Molly Hatchet, ZZ Top, cold ending

bass, cars, classic, cold ending, Counting Cars, Def Leppard, discovery, Discovery Channel, distortions, driving, drums, electric guitar, Fast N Loud, History Channel, Mobsteel, Molly Hatchet, motocycles, open road, overcoming, piano, winning moment, zz top

Bionic Symphonic-WCT

Epic hybrid track with huge-sounding orchestra, electronic, choral, and rock elements. Builds continuously to the end. Perfect for building large amounts of tension.

apocalypse, apocalyptic, choir, choral, electronic orchestra, heavy, huge, hybrid, intense, medium tempo, minor tonality, orchestra, orchestral, orchestral rock, percussion, percussive, piano, sweeping, symphonic, symphony, tense, trumpet

The Half Full Story-WCT

A happy, motivational, alternative pop rock track. Features piano, strings, and percussion with usual rock instrumentation. Great for positive images, TV and radio commercials, corporate applications, reality shows, sports, personal stories, etc.

airy, bass guitar, clean electric guitar, driving, light, major tonality, mellow, motivational, piano, positive, spacious, strings, success, successful, syncopated

The Outlook Is Amazing-WCT

Triumphant rock instrumental that sounds like Coldplay and The Fray. Driving drums and atmospheric guitars and piano. Great for TV and radio commercials, corporate applications, reality shows, sports, personal stories of triumph, and overcoming odds.

amazement, atmospheric, bass guitar, celebration, celebratory, coldplay, confidence, confident, driving, drums, electric guitar, happy, joyous, major tonality, medium tempo, motivational, piano, pop rock, rock, success, successful, the fray, triumph, triumphant, victorious, victory

What's The Color-WCT

Modern Pop Rock track with Coldplay-like sensibilities. Down-tempo and introspective.

bass guitar, coldplay, down tempo, drums, electric guitar, hopeful, instrospective, major tonality, melancholic, melancholy, modern, piano, pop rock

Standing Tall-WCT

Inspirational rock track with a big, driving sound and a positive vibe. Featuring usual rock instrumentation (electric guitar, drums, bass) as well as piano and strings. Short electric guitar solo at 1:49. Great for TV and radio commercials, sports, reality shows, corporate presentations, etc.

1990s, 2000s, bass guitar, dramatic, driving, electric guitar, epic, happy, inspirational, joy, joyous, matchbox 20, motivational, piano, positive, rock, success, successful, sweeping, triumph, triumphant, victorious, victory


A soft and gentle folk track with a methodical acoustic guitar vamp, piano and a soft organ line.

acoustic guitar, child, children, folk, gentle, innocent, love, mellow, piano, quirky, soft, unrequited love


A dark and ambient pop instrumental track. Modern production values.

ambient pop, clean electric guitar, dark, depressed, drum machine, electric bass, piano, sad


A light and summery pop instrumental with piano, acoustic guitar, drums, and clean electric guitar.

acoustic guitar, carefree, clean electric guitar, drums, happy, light, piano, summer, sunny, uplifting

Warm Light-WCT

Acoustic guitar and acoustic piano in a simple duet. Flowing and warm, folksy yet contemporary.

folky, guitar, piano, positive, pretty, simple, warm

Sunday Dinner-WCT

Acoustic guitar and acoustic piano in a simple duet. Flowing and warm, folksy yet contemporary.

folky, guitar, piano, positive, pretty, simple, warm

Makes Me Happy-WCT

Acoustic guitar and acoustic piano in a simple duet. Flowing and warm, folksy yet contemporary.

folky, guitar, piano, positive, pretty, simple, warm

Arm In Arm-WCT

Acoustic guitar, acoustic piano and cello. Flowing and warm, folksy yet contemporary.

beautiful, cello, flowing, guitar, piano, pretty, warm


Piano-driven electro-house track, perfect for aerobics and workout routines. An uptempo and very energetic tune. Motivating and uplifting. The piano blends with modern electro bass-lines and the beats are the driving force of the track. Clean and modern production.

aerobics, dance-pop, energetic, happy, house, joyful, loud, motivational, piano, piano-driven, positive, pumping, synths, teen pop, wholesome, workout


Hip-Hop track with strong orchestral elements. West-coast style featuring horns, piano, relaxed percussive beat, strings, lead synth and warm sub-bass. Smooth and confident at the same time with dramatic and melodic touches.

beats, dramatic, elegant, hip-hop, horns, melancholic, mellow, percussion, piano, reality show, reflective, relaxed, sad, suspense, synths, tension

Can't Hold Me Down-WCT

West Coast-style Hip-Hop track. Cool bass-lines and steady beats blend with piano, electric guitar and strings in the style of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog. Has a laid-back groove with a sexy touch.

bass, beats, bouncy, confident, cool, funky, groovy, hip hop, las vegas, los angeles, piano, positive, sexy, shopping, strings, synths, teen pop, west coast


Hip-Hop track with a modern, urban feeling. Groovy tune featuring percussive beats, piano, strings stabs, scratches and deep bass. Upbeat and positive attitude with a cool, urban vibe.

funky, groovy, hip-hop, percussion, piano, playful, pop, positive, r&b, rnb, sexy, strings, synths, upbeat, uplifting


Hip-Hop track with strings, piano, percussion and modern urban beats. The strings and piano add a dramatic touch. Groovy and melodic, it has a West-Coast style and modern production values.

basketball, dramatic, football, groovy, hip-hop, mlb, nba, nfl, nhl, orchestral hip hop, percussion, piano, pompous, sports, strings, suspense, tension, threatening


A simple and slightly melancholic finger-picked acoustic guitar track, with piano accompaniment. Quiet and peaceful.

500 days summer, acoustic guitar, finger picking, folk, indie, medium tempo, melancholic, melancholy, peaceful, piano, quiet, simple

Music Lessons-WCT

A sweet acoustic pop-folk track. Sounds tender and content. Perfect underscore for heartwarming montages.

acoustic guitar, acoustic pop, child, folk, heartwarming, kid, medium tempo, piano, soft pop, sweet, tender, young

Dip Cone-WCT

Quirky instrumental acoustic track evoking a couple on a cute date, spending time at the park, farmers market and carnival. Great for TV commercials showcasing simple joys and perfect for projects with a similar vibe to "500 Days of Summer."

500 days summer, acoustic, acoustic guitar, carefree, carnival, child, children, content, cute, electric bass, farmers market, gentle, happy, innocent, kid, light, medium tempo, mellow, park, piano, quirkiness, quirky, simple, zooey deschanel


Interesting mixture of folk sounds with a sliding electric guitar to give this instrumental modern and surreal appeal.

acoustic guitar, electric guitar, folk, folksy, gentle, home, homey, hopeful, innocent, mellow, piano, pleasant, pleasing, sliding, slow, surreal

Paradise Found

A quirky, folksy and sweet indie pop tune with ukelele, piano, electric guitar, electric bass and light clapping. Perfect for TV commercials selling innovative products and media trying to break into pop culture.

apple, clapping, different, electric bass, electric guitar, indie, light, medium tempo, piano, pop, quirky, soft, sweet, tv commercial, ukelele, western digital


This lighthearted acoustic folk song features a sweet and catchy melody played on acoustic guitar and piano making for a nice and simple tune.

acoustic, acoustic guitar, catchy, innocent, light hearted, love, medium tempo, piano, quirky, simple, sweet

One Man Show

A song about the loneliness of maintaining one's independence. Poignant lyric and classic pop 80s sound.

1980s, 80s, 80s drums, @1songs, gated drums, horn section, male vocal, piano, poignant, pop, poppy, singing, song

Streetlight Sonata

A pop piano track, slightly sad and angry. A simple tune great for underscoring a scene with troubled and emotional people in contemplation.

anger, angry, contemplation, emotional, fight, fighting, lose, losing, loss, lost love, mad, melancholic, melancholy, piano, piano only, pop, poppy, rihanna, sad, stay, troubled

Rock Lullaby

A Top-40 style pop-rock track with lots of piano, รก la Ryan Tedder-style (OneRepublic) productions. Has an edgy and heavily filtered electric guitar melody.

counting stars, down tempo, drum heavy, electric guitar, melancholy, onerepublic, piano, pop, poppy, rock, ryan tedder, synth

Playa Piano-WCT

A ragtime folk tune with piano, bells, tuba, acoustic guitar. Perfect for saloon, cowboy and wild west scenes!

americana, country, cowboy, fun, happy, piano, quirky, ragtime, saloon, western, wild west

No One People

Emotional and serious rock ballad with a good groove. Lyrics that celebrate ordinary people and reject celebrity culture. A lilting, beautiful song about the joys in life once you realize the spiritual humanity of your fellow man rather than chasing fame and fortune. Heartwarming and triumphant.

@1songs, acoustic guitar, beatles, gavin degraw, groovy, harmonica, john lennon, low key, male, melodic, onerepublic, piano, poppy, ryan tedder, singing, snappy, song, vocals

Life Story

A soft and tender piano track, underscored with strings and celesta.

depressing, down, emotional, low key, melancholy, piano, piano driven, sad, slow, soft, strings, tender, viola

Future Back-WCT

A reflective song about trying to recover that feeling of looking forward to the future and getting back in touch with dreams and goals.

@1songs, acoustic, catchy, from the heart, meaningful, modern, musical, piano, poppy, sing, soft, tender, theater, vocal

Big Dipper

A spacey, piano-pop tune. This track is great for those wanting to add a light-hearted, soft and energetic sound.

atmosphere, energetic, energy, light, piano, pop, sims, sky, soft, space, spacey

Just Say Love

An emotional piano ballad about letting go and letting love into your heart.

@1songs, affection, desire, devotion, female, intimacy, love, passion, piano, romance, song, strings, tenderness, vocal, woman, yearning

Eternal Devotion

Gentle, melodic and dramatic piano piece. Emotional music that tugs on the heartstrings. Great underscore for love, loss, personal struggles or any scene that is deeply personal and poignant. Music that is ideal for radio and TV commercials, documentaries, reality TV shows and films.

drama, dramatic, emotion, emotional, longing, love, piano, relationships, sad, sweet, tender


Uplifting piano and orchestra piece. Music that evokes feelings of excitement, anticipation and high expectations. Great for documentaries, reality TV shows and films.

anticipation, excitement, expectation, joy, optimism, orchestral, piano, positive, strings, uplifting

We All Want Love

Gentle, melodic and emotional piano piece. Great underscore for romance, love or any heartfelt emotions.

emotion, emotional, longing, love, piano, relationships, sad, sweet, tender, touching

Cry For Love

Dramatic and emotional piece with piano, strings and a soulful female vocal.

broken-hearted, drama, dramatic, emotional, female vocal, heartbreak, hurt, intense, loss, love, piano, relationships, romantic, strings


A dramatic and sad song about a forgotten Vietnam veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. A story about the darker side of a soldiers life long after the war. The song has elements of southern rock twang that punctuate this emotional piano ballad.

@1songs, anti war song, dark, depressing, honest, insanity, piano, piano ballad, post-traumatic stress, protest song, rock, sad, sarcastic, southern rock, traumatic, vet, veteran, vietnam, violence, war

This Lonely Place

An emotional piano ballad about waiting to be reuniting with a loved one. On the surface it could simply be a song about missing someone while they're gone. But the lyric is really about reuniting with a loved one in the afterlife. Nostalgic, longing and filled with grief over the loss of a loved one.

@1songs, afterlife, ballad, cry, crying, emotional, forlorn, god, gone, grief, heaven, lose, losing, loss, love, male, man, melancholic, melancholy, missing, nostalgic, piano, pop, reunited, reuniting, sad, singing, sobbing, tender, vocal


Modern rock/electronica featuring fuzz bass, blazing guitars and an ethereal piano melody that kicks into hard rock with big, aggressive guitar riffs. Sounds like Muse, U2 and Kings of Leon. Perfect for a turbo-charged racing or sports theme song, credits, movie trailers, advertising, corporate ads and presentations, and TV commercials.

advertising, aggressive, big, corporate ad, credits, electronica, ethereal, fuzz bass, hard rock, kings of leon, loud electric guitar, modern rock, movie trailer, muse, piano, presentation, racing, sports, theme song, turbo charged, tv commercial, u2