Tracks tagged "rock"

Super Loving-WCT

A dramatic, and slightly dark, epic rock track with lots of reverb and a rippin' guitar solo at 2:19. This is the sound of a sexy bad-ass facing off against their nemesis... or lover.

anger, angry, bad-ass, breaking, car, dark, destructive, dramatic, electric guitar, feud, garage rock, intense, medium tempo, minor, painful, reservoir dogs, rock, sexy, stand-off, truck

Like a Dragonfly-WCT

A grooving alternative rock track with driving bass and synth combo coming in at 0:46. Cool, bright synth and glockenspiel enter the fray at 2:00. Great for cool moments.

alternative, anthem, anthemic, bass guitar, car, chill, cool, dance, drums, electric guitar, epic, groove, groovy, hopeful, imagine dragons, large, luxury, melancholy, reverb, rock, sexy, synth, twinkle

Fade Away-WCT

Stomping, epic alternative rock with expansive electric guitars and big drums. Great for intense moments of conviction.

alternative, big, car, dark, drums, electric guitar, epic, large, medium tempo, minor, reverb, rock, truck, u2

Ice Cold-WCT

A summery and uptempo pop rock instrumental with a spacious sound. Modern production values.

airy, bass guitar, carefree, coldplay, driving, drums, electric guitar, happy, medium tempo, modern, pop rock, reverb, rock, spacious, summery, u2, uptempo

Teary Eyed Triumph-WCT

Upbeat pop rock with a tinge of Americana. Great for TV and radio commercials selling positive, motivating images.

americana, bass guitar, celebration, celebratory, driving, drums, electric guitar, end credits, happy, joyous, major tonality, motivating, motivational, pop rock, positive, rock, success, successful, triumph, triumphant, upbeat, victorious, victory, win, winning

The Outlook Is Amazing-WCT

Triumphant rock instrumental that sounds like Coldplay and The Fray. Driving drums and atmospheric guitars and piano. Great for TV and radio commercials, corporate applications, reality shows, sports, personal stories of triumph, and overcoming odds.

amazement, atmospheric, bass guitar, celebration, celebratory, coldplay, confidence, confident, driving, drums, electric guitar, happy, joyous, major tonality, medium tempo, motivational, piano, pop rock, rock, success, successful, the fray, triumph, triumphant, victorious, victory

Standing Tall-WCT

Inspirational rock track with a big, driving sound and a positive vibe. Featuring usual rock instrumentation (electric guitar, drums, bass) as well as piano and strings. Short electric guitar solo at 1:49. Great for TV and radio commercials, sports, reality shows, corporate presentations, etc.

1990s, 2000s, bass guitar, dramatic, driving, electric guitar, epic, happy, inspirational, joy, joyous, matchbox 20, motivational, piano, positive, rock, success, successful, sweeping, triumph, triumphant, victorious, victory

Confidence In Silence-WCT

An uplifting and shiny pop alt-rock track with continually building elements. Positive-sounding and celebratory. Fuller drum groove and orchestra come in at 0:42. Full rock 'n roll sound at 1:16. Modern production values.

alt, alternative, bass guitar, celebratory, driving, drums, electric guitar, loud, medium tempo, motivating, pop, positive, rock, shiny, strings, summery, uplifting


Crank this hard banging, bad azz bass, gnarly guitar slammer! Great for gritty, dirty action, fighting, sports, mosh pits, and all your intense aggression!

action, dirty, fight, gritty, hard, heavy, intense, rage, rock, sports


Pounding rock track with a sloppy vibe. Powerful, fiery, hard-driving music that's perfect for action, sports, chases, frat parties, tough guys, fast cars, smoky bars.

garage rock, positive, rock, sloppy, upbeat, uptempo

Never Question The River-WCT

Raw, slow rock track with a deep groove, menacing vibe. Powerful, and smoldering, with punchy crescendos.

blues rock, deep groove, garage rock, menacing, ominous, portentous, rock

Heard Your Story-WCT

Powerful and uplifting classic rock track with a soaring guitar solo.

blistering guitar, electric guitar, inspiring, medium tempo, moving, rock, rock 'n roll, soaring, stirring, tone

Boys To Menace-WCT

Suspenseful Hip Hop track that's perfect for tense situations. Dark, brooding mood with a climatic build. Perfect for scenes with serious and tense emotions. A Hip Hop/Rock/Orchestral Hybrid.

aggression, angry, brooding, dark, hip hop, melancholly, orchestral, rock, suspense, tense, uneasiness

One Shackle Free-WCT

Bust out of stale moods and experience ground breaking freedom of extreme sound design. Industrial core with heavy drumkit backing.

action, epic grunge, original, pathfinder, rock, wavetables, wildly

Epic Majestic-WCT

A track for modern distopian grunge apocalyptic worlds. Has some surprise twists and subtleties which make it stand apart from current trailer-oriented motifs.

action, angry, choir, cool, elon musk, epic, goth, ingenuity, orchestral, persevere, power, pursuit, rock, superhero, tesla

No Limits-WCT

High intensity and groovy Rock/Nu Metal instrumental in the style of Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, etc. Perfect for all youthful and adventurous footage often found in extreme sports, promos, and ads.

aggressive, bmx, climbing, crazy, fun, hard rock, limp bizkit, linkin park, motocross, nu metal, party, rock, skateboarding, snowboarding, wild, youth

Let Me Move On-WCT

Intense guitar-driven Alternative Rock instrumental in the vein of Foo Fighters. Has a nice Garage Rock feel and sounds modern. Perfect for action/adventure, sports, commercials and reality TV.

adventurous, alternative, animated, bittersweet, confident, cool, crazy, driving, energetic, fast, fun, groovy, indie rock, moving, outgoing, powerful, raw, rebellious, rhythmic, rock, tough


Massive and epic hybrid rock anthem with fat guitars and an uplifting melody. Hi-octane track with pounding four to the floor beat and many breaks. Impulsive, intense. Perfect for trailers, promo, action, TV and sports.

battle, big, chase, destroyer, distorted, electro, electronic, epic, escape, fight, flight, glory, hero, metal, rammstein, rock, rumble, self-conscious, smash, strong

Tough As Nails-WCT

Hard-hitting, adrenaline-fueled Metal instrumental with heavy, distorted guitars and powerful rhythm. Has nice hits in the middle and gets to an insane guitar solo towards the end. Perfect for extreme sports, car race and action-packed scenes.

adventurous, aggressive, angry, bitchy, chaotic, cool, crazy, dynamic, edgy, forceful, frantic, groovy, hard, heavy, intense, metal, programming, restless, rhythmic, rock, wild

Sky In Flames-WCT

Guitar-driven Metalcore instrumental in the style of Darkest Hour and similar bands. Dark and haunting yet melodic track with an ethereal and edgy quality. Very intense and upbeat. Perfect for all futuristic thrillers, film, TV, action.

active, adrenaline, combat, crazy, crush, disturbed, energetic, fast, fight, heavy rock, high energy, metal, metalcore, mosh pit, nasty, pounding, rock, row, video games

Kool Threads

Upbeat 1960s-sounding surf rock track with classic organ and delayed guitar.

1960s, 60s, dancer, electric guitar, exotic, go-go, major key, medium tempo, organ, rock, surf, upbeat, weird

High Octane

A high-energy rock instrumental with pop synths and a rock 'n roll mentality. Great for title credits, credit roll, establishing shots, commercials wanting exciting underscore and more!

celebratory, credit roll, energetic, establishing shot, exciting, high energy, medium tempo, pop, pop rock, rock, rock 'n roll, title credits, upbeat

Dual Quads

A fast and wild rock instrumental. Great for party scenes and for productions that need a taste of the out-of-control!

drums, electric guitar driven, extreme sport, fast, hard rock, jack ass, jackass, loud, mtv, out of control, party, rock, searing, untamed, wild, x games


A straight-ahead rock 'n roll instrumental. Medium tempo-ed, snappy and guitar driven.

electric guitar driven, let loose, medium tempo, rock, snappy, straight ahead, tight


An upbeat rock track with pop punk flair. Sounds positive and happy. Perfect for scenes with parties or commercials wanting to sound like a good time!

edgy, good time, guitar driven, major key, party, pop punk, positive, rock, upbeat


A hypnotic rock 'n roll track with a classic groove and singable guitar melodies. Great for commercials advertising men's products, cars, food, bars and a wide variety of additional masculine pursuits.

bad ass, badass, bar, car, classic rock, commercial, fight, hard, hypnotic, melodic, motorcycle, rock, rock n roll, slow, unforgiving

Solitary Wind

A track evoking Man vs. the World. Features simple orchestration with piano, electric guitar, bass and drums.

50/50, drama, dramatic, indie drama, individual, joseph gordon-levitt, lonely, lose, losing, loss, melancholic, melancholy, rock, sad

So Far Away-WCT

A blues song about the challenge of being far from the one you love. Featuring soulful vocals, electric guitar, drums and bass.

@1songs, blue eyed soul, blues, introspective, male, man, mellow, men, robert cray, rock, slow, song, soulful, vocals

Rockie Talkie

A straight-ahead rock track featuring classic electric guitar lines. Perfect for adding something peppy that won't get in the way of your scene or commercial.

america, bar, cars, classic, commercials, country, good time, medium, motorcycles, party, peppy, rock, rock 'n roll, straight ahead

Rock Lullaby

A Top-40 style pop-rock track with lots of piano, รก la Ryan Tedder-style (OneRepublic) productions. Has an edgy and heavily filtered electric guitar melody.

counting stars, down tempo, drum heavy, electric guitar, melancholy, onerepublic, piano, pop, poppy, rock, ryan tedder, synth

On The Road-WCT

A driving modern arena rock tune with prominent drums and rippin' guitars. Perfect for advertising, car and truck commercials, and anything needing attitude!

arena, edgy, electric guitar, electric guitar solo, loud, modern, pumped up, rock, stadium

Metal Waltz

A fun, lighthearted rock song with contrasting soft and loud, straight-ahead rock and metal components with lyrics about the awesomeness of metal music.

@1songs, acoustic, acoustic guitar, contrast, electric guitar, fun, funny, hard rock, imitation, male, man, metal, rock, rock 'n roll, rock n roll, vocal

High Decibel Dream Child

A song about the glory of rock. Catchy lyrics and harmonizing guitars! Rock like The Eagles.

@1songs, acoustic guitar, classic, guitar harmony, lead electric, medium, rock, solo, straight ahead, thoughtful lyrics, vocal, vox

Faster Louder

As the name suggests, this track is fast-paced and energetic rock. Bring on the reckless-abandon and fun!

2000s, blink-182, energetic, fast, fun, guitar solo, hard rock, hard-edged, intense, lead guitar, rock, sum 41

Neon Burning

Driving rock track with an uplifting sound. Great underscore for a positive and determined message. Melodic, heartfelt, anthemic music with a rock-steady groove. Sounds like U2, Oasis, Coldplay, Travis. Great music for commercials, sports programs and reality TV shows.

anthem, anthemic, confident, dramatic, electric guitar, exciting, fun, inspirational, motivated, motivational, powerful, purposeful, resolute, rock

Creepy Geekinoids

Quirky new wave track with a creepy sci-fi vibe. Sounds like the bands Devo, The B-52s, Tubeway Army etc. It's music that evokes the late 70s and early 80s New Wave sound. Great music to underscore comedy or science fiction!

1970s, 1980s, 70s, 80s, dark, devo, gary numan, new wave, pop rock, rock, silly, strange, the b-52s

Indie Rawker

Cool indie rock track with a catchy guitar riff and a rock steady groove. Perfect music for adding an upbeat, hip and exciting vibe to your production!

catchy, drums, grooving, hip, indie, medium fast, metronomic, rock, rocking, upbeat

Floor Shaker

Cool and quirky garage rock track featuring a big fuzz bass riff and a hip, retro organ melody. Sounds a bit like "Gold On The Ceiling" by The Black Keys. A perfect track for adding a super-cool vibe to your production. Buddy movie, rom-com, urban angst, film opening, neo-60s, nostalgic.

1960s, blues, booker t., garage rock, hipster, lo-fi, organ, raw, rock, the doors, the fuzztones, the lyres, the sonics, vox

Gritty Guitar Blues

Loud and fast blues guitar riffs and drums... that's it! Less IS more! Rowdy, hard-driving music that's perfect for chase scenes, smokey bars, tough guys, parties, fast cars and gritty urban themes. Foot stompin' and hand clappin' music.

alternative rock, blues rock, crazy, drunk, fast, fun, garage rock, party, punk, retro, rock, rowdy, sleazy, sloppy, uptempo, wild


Fast and furious punk rock with loud guitars and lots of attitude. Sounds like the Offspring, Motorhead, Sum 41, Green Day, Blink-182, etc. Think NASCAR, extreme sports, action-packed determination, hot cars and men's fashion.

action, blink-182, extreme car racing, fast, green day, grunge, hardcore punk, loud, male, manly, masculin, men, metal, motorhead, mtv, nascar, offspring, punk, rock, speed, sports, sum 41, thrash, x games


A dramatic and sad song about a forgotten Vietnam veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. A story about the darker side of a soldiers life long after the war. The song has elements of southern rock twang that punctuate this emotional piano ballad.

@1songs, anti war song, dark, depressing, honest, insanity, piano, piano ballad, post-traumatic stress, protest song, rock, sad, sarcastic, southern rock, traumatic, vet, veteran, vietnam, violence, war

Rock School

Catchy rock track. Could be used as a theme song. Perfect music to underscore people having fun, parties, commercials, sports and any production that needs a shot of good time rock n' roll!

america, bar, cars, catchy, country, cowboy, fast, fights, fun, good time, loud, medium, men, party, rock, rock 'n roll, rural, sports, straight ahead, strong


Hi-energy classic rock with a fun, party vibe that's played with wild abandon. Think beach and tailgate parties, frat parties, teens going wild and crazy and total destruction.

action, corporate, cowboy, destruction, electric guitar solo, energetic, fun, high energy, hot cars, loud, party, presentations, raucous, rock, sports, western, whoopee, wild

Jingle Jangle Morning

Jangly guitars and pop melodies create a very dreamy atmosphere. Sounds a bit like The Byrds, R.E.M and Tom Petty.

bright, carefree, electric guitar solo, happy, jangly, joyful, medium, r.e.m., rock, summer, sunny, sunshine, the byrds, tom petty

Scene Queen

Straight-ahead rock track that sounds like a band playing in a nightclub. Inspired by songs like "The Subways - Rock n Roll Queen" and "The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner."

assault, brawl, club, electric guitar, fight, guitar solo, loud, medium, melee, nightclub, rock, rough, slow, straight ahead, tough, violence, violent

Hoodoo Barbeque

Old time, guitar driven rock 'n roll. Classic 1950s sound for a dash down memory lane. Fun, fast, campy. Frat parties, beer busts, NASCAR, sports themes.

1950s, american graffiti, beer bust, campy, classic, fast, frat party, fun, grease, nascar, old time, rock, sports

Happy Pills

1960s pop rock with a modern spin. Twangy guitars add to the groovy, retro vibe.

1960s, acoustic, country, elton john, fun, goofy, jangly, lead guitar solo, rock, silly, spacey, twangy

Rumble Thump

Intense garage rock with a thumping bass, distorted synth riffs and raging guitars. Sounds like the White Stripes jamming with Led Zeppelin. A perfect track to underscore an action or suspense scene.

action, angry, brawl, distorted synth, electric guitar, fight, garage, intense, led zeppelin, lo-fi, mad, melee, rage, rock, suspense, thumping, violence, white stripes, wolf mother