Tracks tagged "soul"

I Can't Feel You

A heartfelt song about falling out of love and feeling distant. A soulful and moody pop rock song.

@1songs, blue, conflict, down, electric guitar, emotional, female, heartfelt, keyboard, losing, lost, love, melancholy, men, moody, sad, slow, soul, soulful, tender, vocals, woman, women

Little White Lie-WCT

Neo-60s pop song. Deliciously scathing lyrics dressed up in a super fun 60s dance groove. Great underscore for a deceptive character or as fun source music for a party or bar etc. Could also be used to evoke a swinging 60s vibe in a movie, TV show or commercial.

1960s, @1songs, adele, amy winehouse, british invasion, deceiver, duffy, fabricator, fibber, funk, funky, girl groups, liar, mod, mods, perjurer, pop, r&b, retro, shagadelic, sixties, soul, swinging 60s