Tracks tagged "the vines"

Rough Enough-WCT

electric guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, driving, bikers, cars, choppers, on the road, competition, promo, highlights, sports, football, soccer, CBS, NBC, Fox Sports, NFL, Premier League, The Vines, Jack White, White Stripes, cold ending

bass, bikers, cars, CBS, choppers, cold ending, competition, driving, drums, electric guitar, football, Fox Sports, harmonica, highlights, jack white, NBC, nfl, on the road, Premier League, promo, soccer, sports, the vines, white stripes


Raw and dirty rock track. Perfect music for adding an edgy vibe to your production! Great for action, extreme sports, car chases, trailers, exercise videos, video games, anything that requires lots of energy and excitement!

1960s, action, bad, bar, big, black rebel motorcycle, blues rock, classic, cow bell, dirty, edgy, electric 6, garage rock revival, guitar, hard rock, lo-fi, loud, punk rock, raw, strong, sunset, the black keys, the hives, the sonics, the vines, the white stripes

Psychedelic Surfer

1960s psychedelic garage rock with a groovy surf beat. Picture Go Go dancers, strobe lights, Austin Powers and all things shagadelic. Sounds like Question Mark and the Mysterians, The Kingsmen, The Hives, Smash Mouth etc.

1960s, 60s, ? and mysterians, garage rock, go go dancers, groovy, psychedelic, smash mouth, strobe lights, surf, the hives, the trashmen, the vines