Tracks tagged "theme song"

Tickled Ivory

Cheerful piano piece that's melodic and simple. Perfect music to underscore light comedy, children playing or any scene that needs a little sweetness, lightness and humor. Great for use in TV and radio commercials, reality TV shows, sitcoms and comedy films.

catchy, cheerful, childlike, comedy, comical, entertaining, funny, gentle, innocent, light, lighthearted, silly, sunny, sweet, theme song, uncomplicated, upright piano

Lone Rider

In the style of 1960s spaghetti western films, a twangy guitar melody over a surf beat. Sounds a bit like The Ventures, The Shadows and Ennio Morricone. Great for those upbeat "Make My Day" moments in films and corporate commercials. Bold, brave, heroic, fun and vibrant.

1960s, badass, bold, brave, clint eastwood, cowboy, fun, gun fight, gunfighter, heroic, make my day, sergio leone films, sixties, spaghetti western, theme song, threatening, twangy guitars, vibrant, wild west


Modern rock/electronica featuring fuzz bass, blazing guitars and an ethereal piano melody that kicks into hard rock with big, aggressive guitar riffs. Sounds like Muse, U2 and Kings of Leon. Perfect for a turbo-charged racing or sports theme song, credits, movie trailers, advertising, corporate ads and presentations, and TV commercials.

advertising, aggressive, big, corporate ad, credits, electronica, ethereal, fuzz bass, hard rock, kings of leon, loud electric guitar, modern rock, movie trailer, muse, piano, presentation, racing, sports, theme song, turbo charged, tv commercial, u2