Tracks tagged "video game"


Intense and heroic video game trailer music. Contains hybrid elements: electric guitar with large orchestra. Modern production values.

big, electric guitar, epic, hans zimmer, heroic, huge, large, minor, orchestra, orchestral, trailer, victorious, victory, video game

Suburban Dusk

A calm orchestral cue evoking an idyllic city about to wake up or go to bed.

calm, carefree, gentle, idyllic, innocent, oboe, orchestral, pizzicato strings, relaxed, relaxing, sims, staccato, suburban, suburbia, sweet, tender, video game

Marathon Runner

A cool, poppy, ambient synth and electric guitar track. Perfect for underscoring contemplative or dialogue-heavy scenes, as well as video games.

beat, chill, contemplative, cool, driving, electric guitar, electro, mellow, pop, quiet, sim city, synth, urban, video game


Git on down with this rip-roarin' rock-country tune! Features harmonica, fiddle and other Americana sounds. Load the fun on yer wagon with this track!

americana, barn, country, cowbell, cowboy, cows, farm, fun, happy, harmonica, horses, light, mellow, rural, the sims, video game, west, western

The Gossipers

Reminiscent of happy-go-lucky days gone by, this light track can be used to good affect to make your scene happy, even silly!

frolic, funny, light hearted, mellow, plucky, short, silly, staccato, strings, the sims, video game

Acid Theater

A trippy, cool, drum 'n bass-type track. Great for adding a contemporary and modern flair to your production!

club, contemporary, digital, drug use, drugs, drum 'n bass, fun, hip-hop, modern, sexy, trip-hop, video game, weird, wild

White Picket Fence

Schmaltzy orchestral instrumental with a 1950's easy-listening vibe.

comedy, corny, fast, happy, innocent, leave it beaver, light, positive, quirky, sims, squeaky clean, stay-at-home mom, suburban, suburbia, video game