Tracks tagged "weird"


An eclectic mixture of heavy electronic dance with country dobro lead.

blues, car, country, dance, dobro, Duck Dynasty, eclectic, electronic, grooving, groovy, heavy, medium tempo, rural, south, southern, truck, unique, unusual, weird

Kool Threads

Upbeat 1960s-sounding surf rock track with classic organ and delayed guitar.

1960s, 60s, dancer, electric guitar, exotic, go-go, major key, medium tempo, organ, rock, surf, upbeat, weird

Tekno Jungle

Atmospheric and exotic, this electronica track has elements of trance and jungle music.

atmospheric, dance, edm, electronic dance music, electronica, entrancing, exotic, jungle, otherworldly, surreal, trance, trip hop, unusual, weird

Acid Theater

A trippy, cool, drum 'n bass-type track. Great for adding a contemporary and modern flair to your production!

club, contemporary, digital, drug use, drugs, drum 'n bass, fun, hip-hop, modern, sexy, trip-hop, video game, weird, wild

Terrible Twos

Quirky orchestral track. Great music to underscore comedy or absurd situations. Sounds like music from Desperate Housewives or zany Danny Elfman-type music. Perfect music for funny commercials, reality TV shows, sitcoms and comedy films.

absurd, absurdity, comedic, comedy, comic, crazy, danny elfman, desperate housewives, eccentric, farce, fun, funny, kooky, odd, orchestral, peculiar, pizzicato strings, quirky, sitcom, slapstick, wacky, weird, zany