Tracks tagged "hip"

Running Through New York-WCT

Ambient jazz track with a cool, rhythmic vibe.

cerebral, hip, laid-back, serene, smooth

Beat Seeker

Twangy guitar riff with an ultra cool retro vibe. Very groovy baby!

007, 1960s, austin powers, cool, fab, garage rock, hip, james bond, lo-fi, spy, surf rock, tarantino flick, the who


Driving rock track with an uplifting and anthemic sound. Great underscore for a positive or inspiring message. Modern, cool and moving music with a pulsating groove. Sounds like Interpol, Oasis, Coldplay, Travis, U2. Great music for TV and radio commercials, reality TV shows, movie trailers, etc.

dramatic, dynamic, energetic, epic, hip, inspirational, intense, motivating, powerful

Ain't Doin' Nothin'

Bluesy jazz song about doing everything you can to make your lover happy but not getting the same thing in return. Cool groove, soulful with lyrics. Your love is going down the drain. Male angst, broken-hearted. Bar, lounge, lawyers, property settlements, divorce court. "Ain't doin' nothin' for me."

@1songs, bad girlfriend, blues, breaking up, broken-hearted, cool, cool groove, heart break, hip, jazz, lazy wife, male angst, pity party, retro, romantic comedy, romcom, soap opera, soulful

Indie Rawker

Cool indie rock track with a catchy guitar riff and a rock steady groove. Perfect music for adding an upbeat, hip and exciting vibe to your production!

catchy, drums, grooving, hip, indie, medium fast, metronomic, rock, rocking, upbeat


Ultra cool garage rock track with a big catchy guitar riff and a rockin' retro drum beat! Perfect music for adding an edgy and hip vibe to your production! Buddy movie, rom-com, TV commercial, movie trailer, film opening, neo-60s, nostalgic.

alternative rock, bluesy, buddy movie, catchy, chases, cool, edgy, fast cars, fiery, film opening, frat parties, garage rock, gritty, groovy, hard-driving, hip, hipster, lo-fi, movie trailer, neo 60s, nostalgic, powerful, pulp fiction, retro, rom com, smokey bars, sports news, tv commercial

Garage Rock Superstar

Cool and gritty garage rock track with a big guitar riff and lots of attitude. A perfect track for adding a cool vibe to your production. Buddy movie, rom-com, urban angst, film opening, nostalgic.

1960s, b3 organ, blues rock, booker t, cool, dangerous, driving, garage rock, greasy, hip, hipster, led zeppelin, lo-fi, primitive, punk rock, raw, the fuzztones, the lyres, the sonics, the yardbirds