Tracks tagged "sims"

Suburban Dusk

A calm orchestral cue evoking an idyllic city about to wake up or go to bed.

calm, carefree, gentle, idyllic, innocent, oboe, orchestral, pizzicato strings, relaxed, relaxing, sims, staccato, suburban, suburbia, sweet, tender, video game

After School Special

This catchy tune evokes sunny, warm days, vacations, and all things wonderful with summer.

beach, care-free, chill, cool, groove, groovy, happy-go-lucky, holiday, joyful, organ, sims, summer, sunny, sunset, vacation, warm

Big Dipper

A spacey, piano-pop tune. This track is great for those wanting to add a light-hearted, soft and energetic sound.

atmosphere, energetic, energy, light, piano, pop, sims, sky, soft, space, spacey

White Picket Fence

Schmaltzy orchestral instrumental with a 1950's easy-listening vibe.

comedy, corny, fast, happy, innocent, leave it beaver, light, positive, quirky, sims, squeaky clean, stay-at-home mom, suburban, suburbia, video game