Tracks tagged "chill"

Like a Dragonfly-WCT

A grooving alternative rock track with driving bass and synth combo coming in at 0:46. Cool, bright synth and glockenspiel enter the fray at 2:00. Great for cool moments.

alternative, anthem, anthemic, bass guitar, car, chill, cool, dance, drums, electric guitar, epic, groove, groovy, hopeful, imagine dragons, large, luxury, melancholy, reverb, rock, sexy, synth, twinkle


Summery deep house track with a cool groove and relaxing mood. Progressively building synths combined with club beats and deep bass. Chill out vibes with a strong groove that works great for sports highlights, fashion shows, lifestyle TV programs and party scenes.

catwalk, chill, clubbing, cool, dance, deephouse, delicate, dreaming, emotional, fashion, longing, medium tempo, melancholic, moody, nostalgic, optimistic, partying, reflective, relaxed, relaxing, sad, tiesto, youthful

Follow the Sun-WCT

Chill House track with vivid summery vibes and fresh production. A combination of shiny synths, chill pads, deep bass and club beats. A cool, relaxing yet groovy style. Great for party scenes, sports highlights, fashion shows, commercials, lifestyle TV and dance floors.

abandoned, alone, catwalk, chill, clubbing, dance, deephouse, dreaming, longing, melancholic, moody, partying, sad, tiesto, youthful

Summer Resort-WCT

Cool deep house track with warm, funky baselines, percussive beats, "Chicago house" style chord stabs and catchy, rhythmic acoustic guitar parts. Groovy and relaxing track, with a trippy, upbeat mood. Great for fashion shows, commercials, background workout music and dance routines.

aerobics, ambient house, atmospheric, beach party, bongos, catwalk, chill, dancing, dreamy, driving, fitness, grooving, guitar, high end, high fashion, hypnotic, Ibiza, laid-back, luxurious, luxury, nightclub, relaxing, repetitive, running, runway, sports, summery, teen pop culture


An atmospheric and chill reggae-inspired track with heavy synths and clean electric guitar.

ambient, beach, bob marley, california, caribbean, chill, dusk, electric guitar, evening, gentle, mellow, quiet, relaxed, relaxing, soft, sun, sunny, synthesizer, twilight

Missed Connection-WCT

A chill pop instrumental with Electro Pop and Pop Rock elements. Features electric guitar melody and ear-catching synths. Modern production values.

brooding, care-free, chill, contemplative, electric guitar, electro pop, light, medium tempo, pop rock, synths

All Night Cafe-WCT

A moody, sophisticated and introspective jazz track with a Miles Davis "Kind Of Blue" vibe. Perfect for a black-tie event or as source music for scenes needing a refined atmosphere, such as a sophisticated nightclub.

avant-garde, ballroom, bebop, black tie, chill, cool, cultured, elegant, frasier, innovative, mellow, miles davis, nancy meyers, so what, soft, sophisticated, urbane

Bird's Blues-WCT

Ultra-cool jazz instrumental. Swingin' drums, walking bass and improvisational piano riffs. Perfect for a black-tie event or as source music for scenes needing a refined atmosphere, such as a sophisticated nightclub.

acoustic bass, acoustic piano, ballroom, black tie, chill, confident, content, cool, finger-snapping, frasier, happy, medium tempo, piano improv, saxophone section, socialite, sophisticated, up-tempo, walking bass

Double O Eight-WCT

A contemplative chill, deep, different groover that's great for intense searching scenes.

character arc, chill, electronic, thinking

Am Risin' Hot-WCT

A chill Hip-Hop instrumental with organ, strong lead synth and thumping kick. Great underscore for people cruising the Las Vegas strip and living the high-life.

chill, club, clubbing, drunk, drunken, las vegas, lead synth, organ, party, relaxed, strong, thudding, thumping, wild, winning

Bitch Club-WCT

Hip-Hop track with modern electro synths, punchy beats and club vibes. It has a sexy and uplifting groove and modern production values.

bouncy, bright, chill, club music, cool, dance, drug use, drugs, ecstasy, energetic, hip hop, playful, r&b, rnb, sexy, teen pop, upbeat, uplifting

Water Trance

A new-age pop track, with light background vocals, tight bass line, flowing synths, and light drums. Great for corporate presentations and advertisements!

background vocals, chill, cool, corporate presentations, mellow, new age, pop, pop bass, sexy, smooth, smooth jazz, tv commercial

70's Porn Star

A cool, urban groove track. Features a deep bass groove and funky guitars with plenty of wah-wah pedal use.

cheesy, chill, cool, goofy, grooving, groovy, hip hop, sexy, silly, slow

Summer Ditty

A jazzy and light tune with rays of summer sun pouring through!

august, carefree, chill, cool, happy, innocent, jazzy, july, june, mellow, quiet, relaxed, relaxing, simple, smooth, summer, summery, sun, sunlight, sunny, sunshine

Slow And Steady

A laid-back, urban groove track. Very funky! Bass-driven with funk guitar, distorted guitar and drum machine. Perfect for crime shows, procedurals, buddy cop, police comedies and dramas, and anything looking for a little... bad.

bad, bad ass, bad boy, bad girl, bike, buddy cop, chill, comedy, cool, corporate, crime, criminals, distorted guitar, drama, drum machine, edgy, electric bass, funk, funk guitar, funky, groove, laid back, love scene, police, presentation, procedural, sexy, urban

Midnight Drive

Jazzy and cool, this cue is great for establishing a chill, sophisticated groove.

bass driven, big apple, caroline in city, cat, chill, city, cool, east coast, groove, grooving, jazz, jazzy, kat, latin, mad about you, new york, piano, sitcom, sophisticated

Marathon Runner

A cool, poppy, ambient synth and electric guitar track. Perfect for underscoring contemplative or dialogue-heavy scenes, as well as video games.

beat, chill, contemplative, cool, driving, electric guitar, electro, mellow, pop, quiet, sim city, synth, urban, video game

Keepin' It Unreal

A carefree jangle rock song about living relaxed and for the moment.

@1songs, chill, cool, country, dreamy, electric guitar, male, man, relaxed, song, summer, vocal

After School Special

This catchy tune evokes sunny, warm days, vacations, and all things wonderful with summer.

beach, care-free, chill, cool, groove, groovy, happy-go-lucky, holiday, joyful, organ, sims, summer, sunny, sunset, vacation, warm

Free Styler

Bass and drums lay down a big fat groove in this cool hip-hop/reggae hybrid. Perfect music for adding a hip and chilled out vibe to your production!

chill, downtempo, flute, fly, free and easy, funky, laid-back, phat