Tracks tagged "heartfelt"


This is an ambient hip-hop track, featuring urban beats, warm sub-bass, synthesizer, rhodes keys and angelic filtered vocal effects. Reflective and sad mood combined with some elements that evoke a feeling of relief and a glimpse of light. Works great as a soundtrack for reality TV programs and human drama-based films.

atmospheric, calm/peaceful, delicate, dramatic, dreamy, ethereal, flowing, gentle, heartfelt, longing, pensive, reflective, sad, thoughtful

Long Stroll-WCT

Pop rock track with a laid-back groove and a positive vibe. Sounds a bit like John Mayer and other similar type artists and bands. Great for TV and radio commercials, documentary films and reality shows etc. Pop Rock Track ala John Mayer

dramatic, driving, heartfelt, inspirational, motivational, positive, sweet

Grass Cut Fresh-WCT

A modern pop rock track that's built around lullaby played on bells. Melodic, sweet and dramatic. Sounds a bit like Coldplay and other similar type bands and artists. Great for TV and radio commercials, movie trailers and reality shows etc.

alternative rock, emotional, heartfelt, indie pop, profound, sincere

An Easier Life-WCT

Upbeat pop rock with a driving beat and a positive and inspirational vibe. Great for TV and radio commercials, reality shows and movie trailers etc.

americana, happy, heartfelt, moving, uplifting

Mountain Top-WCT

Beautiful acoustic guitar track. Peaceful and relaxing. Great music to underscore love and romance, nature, rural settings, friendship etc.

friendly, heartfelt, mellow, sweet, tender

Coal Miner-WCT

A laid-back and soulful track featuring acoustic guitar. It has an Americana vibe. Great music to underscore nature, rural areas, a sentimental or romantic scene or a reunion between family members, friends or lovers.

dirt roads, heartfelt, heartland, nature, rural

Come On Let Go-WCT

A poppy Hip-Hop track with a soft beat and strumming acoustic guitar. Reflective, introspective and heartfelt.

acoustic guitar, emotional, heartfelt, hip-hop, introspective, introverted, light, melancholic, melancholy, mellow, pop, quiet, reflective, relieved, soft, strings

I Can't Feel You

A heartfelt song about falling out of love and feeling distant. A soulful and moody pop rock song.

@1songs, blue, conflict, down, electric guitar, emotional, female, heartfelt, keyboard, losing, lost, love, melancholy, men, moody, sad, slow, soul, soulful, tender, vocals, woman, women

Last Chance For Glory

Suspenseful and tense orchestral piece that changes to a triumphant and heartfelt sound near the end.

battle, doom, drama, dramatic, fight, heartfelt, mysterious, mystery, nail biting, orchestra, orchestral, suspenseful, tense, triumphant

Picture Box

Heartfelt and emotional track with a clean electric guitar playing gently over an acoustic guitar, bells and cello.

breakup, caring, emotion, emotional, friendship, goodbyes, heartfelt, heartwarming, kindness, love, melancholy, sad, sweet, tender, touching

The Cathedral

Large string section plays a heartfelt melody that evokes a sense of awe and wonder.

awe-inspiring, epic, grand, heartfelt, monumental, passionate, romantic, spiritual, strings

Goodbye To What Was

Acoustic guitars and fretless bass create a bittersweet mood. Heartfelt music that is perfect underscore for a sad or deeply emotional scene.

acoustic guitar, bittersweet, blue, breakup, down, dramatic, earthy, easy, emotion, emotional, fretless bass, goodbyes, heartbroken, heartening, heartfelt, heartwarming, longing, melancholic, melancholy, mellow, reflective, sad, sensitive, sincere, soulful, sweet, thoughtful, touching, warm