Tracks tagged "slow"


A chill trap track starting with a filtered piano and leading to a chorus part with deep bass, percussion and synthesizer. The mood is sad and melancholic yet the trap beats, lead synth and vocal accents add some edgy elements to the track. It can work great for drama series, films, documentaries.

atmospheric, beautiful, bittersweet, chill out, emotional, expressive, heartbroken, inspiring, longing, melancholic, melancholy, pensive, relaxing, romance, sad, slow, touching

Rusty Nails-WCT

Dark and gritty trap track with nasty, dubstep synths, growling bass and edgy beats. Fresh production with sexy and mysterious mood. Late night clubbing track that works great for party scenes, youth targeted promos, sports highlights and fashion shows.

alluring, contemporary, dancing, dark, dirty, energetic, fashion, grimy, gritty, growling, hard, modern, nightclub, partying, sexy, slow, street, urban, wobbles, wub-wub


Beautiful, dramatic and emotionally charged track, combining electric guitars with strong drums, strings and dubstep bass lines. The dark vocal FX on the bridge evoke sadness and lead to the final, dynamic chorus part. Great for dramatic film and TV scenes, trailers, commercials, and reality TV.

betrayed, breakup, brokenhearted, defeated, depression, drama, dramatic, dubstep, emotional, graceful, inspiring, longing, loss, meaningful, melancholy, mellow, mournful, moving, nostalgic, romantic, sensitive, sensual, sentimental, sexy, slow, touching, tragedy, tragic


Laid back groovy hip-hop track with catchy piano riffs, deep bass and cool beats. Atmospheric and reflective mood, a cool late night listening with underground trip-hop vibes. Suitable for dramatic scenes, reality shows, documentaries and films.

chillin', chilling, crime, deep, Drake, dramatic, emotional, gangs, gangsta, grooving, harlem, hood, hot, instrumental, medium tempo, melancholic, melancholy, mysterious, mystery, Nas, pensive, sad, sexy, slow, sophisticated, thoughtful, thug life, Tupac, Wu Tang Clan


Dramatic underscore with piano and drum machine for serious, dark and tension filled moments.

dark, distant, drum machine, foreboding, light, piano, serious, slow, suspense, suspenseful, synth, tense, tension, underscore

Sneaky Snake-WCT

Dramatic underscore with pizzicato strings for serious, dark and tension filled moments.

dark, distant, light, pizzicato strings, serious, slow, strings, suspense, suspenseful, synth, tense, tension, underscore

Bad Situation-WCT

Dramatic underscore for serious, dark and tension filled moments.

dark, distant, drum machine, light, marimba, marimba melody, serious, slow, strings, suspense, suspenseful, synth, tense, tension, underscore

Agitated State-WCT

Dramatic underscore featuring marimba for serious, dark and tension filled moments.

dark, distant, drum machine, electronic guitar, light, marimba, marimba melody, serious, slow, suspense, suspenseful, synth, tense, tension, underscore

Drama of the Day-WCT

Dramatic underscore featuring piano melody for serious, dark and tension filled moments.

dark, distant, light, piano, serious, slow, suspense, suspenseful, synth, synth choir, tense, tension, underscore

Dark Tension-WCT

Dramatic underscore for serious, dark and tension filled moments.

dark, distant, drum machine, light, serious, slow, suspense, suspenseful, synth, synth choir, tense, tension, underscore

Holly And The Ivy-WCT

A gorgeous solo piano instrumental of this seminal tune.

acoustic piano, beautiful, christmas, december, holiday, light, mellow, quiet, secular holiday, slow, soft, solo piano

O Come Emmanuel-WCT

An introspective piano instrumental of this reverant Christmas piece.

acoustic piano, beautiful, catholic, christian, christmas, december, holiday, light, mellow, quiet, slow, soft, solo piano, somber

God Rest You Merry Gentlemen-WCT

A beautiful piano rendition of this melancholic Christmas tune.

acoustic piano, beautiful, catholic, christian, christmas, december, holiday, light, mellow, quiet, slow, soft, solo piano, somber

Make Your Head Nod-WCT

A confident-sounding Hip-Hop Dance track. Full of cutting lead synths and classic Hip-Hop groove. Cutting-edge, quirky and off-the-wall.

commercial, confident, cutting, cutting-edge, dance, edgy, electronic, hip-hop, lead synth, off-the-wall, quirky, slow

Here Come Tha Boom-WCT

A loud and energizing Hip-Hop club track. The intro beat starts methodically slower and at 0:18, it picks up to a dance tempo. Great for amping up your production!

alarm, amped, club, clubbing, confident, energizing, energy, faster, loud, medium tempo, picks up speed, picks up tempo, slow, strong


Cool hip hop track that's serious, determined, driven and focused on the task at hand.

808, dark, determined, dirty south, driven, intense, serious, slow, synthesizer, urban


Downtempo electric guitar and synth instrumental. Perfect underscore for contemplative scenes.

airy, atmospheric, contemplate, contemplative, downtempo, electric guitar, electro-pop, gentle, light, mellow, mindful, optimistic, positive, sky, slow, synth, think, thinking


Interesting mixture of folk sounds with a sliding electric guitar to give this instrumental modern and surreal appeal.

acoustic guitar, electric guitar, folk, folksy, gentle, home, homey, hopeful, innocent, mellow, piano, pleasant, pleasing, sliding, slow, surreal

Wild Wonder

Dramatic string piece with a positive, awe-inspiring and heartwarming mood.

drama, dramatic, emotional, happy, hopeful, inspiring, light, positive, slow, soft, strings, sweet, synth strings, uplifting, wonderment

70's Porn Star

A cool, urban groove track. Features a deep bass groove and funky guitars with plenty of wah-wah pedal use.

cheesy, chill, cool, goofy, grooving, groovy, hip hop, sexy, silly, slow

Transcendental Train

This pop rock/glam rock hybrid song is about the satisfaction of loving someone with whom you share the same interests and with whom you can go "out to space and back."

@1songs, catchy, flower power, funk guitar, glam rock, hippie, male vocal, man, mellow, pop rock, psychedelic, serene, slow, strings, transcendental

Swamp Blues-WCT

A gritty and soulful instrumental blues rock track. Features soaring harmonica lines. Perfect for scenes needing a tough, masculine vibe: scenes with bars, fights, motorcycle gangs, cowboys and sports.

bars, blues rock, cowboys, fights, gritty, harmonica, harsh, masculine, motorcycle gangs, slow, soulful, sports, tough


This soft and expansive acoustic guitar track will add space and depth to your scene. It evokes the quiet, stillness and beauty of the great American West.

acoustic guitar, ambient, american west, beautiful, brokeback mountain, country, cowboy, depressed, depressing, gentle, lonely, melancholic, melancholy, mellow, quiet, ranch, rancher, relaxing, rural, sad, slow, soft, still, stillness, west


A hypnotic rock 'n roll track with a classic groove and singable guitar melodies. Great for commercials advertising men's products, cars, food, bars and a wide variety of additional masculine pursuits.

bad ass, badass, bar, car, classic rock, commercial, fight, hard, hypnotic, melodic, motorcycle, rock, rock n roll, slow, unforgiving

So Far Away-WCT

A blues song about the challenge of being far from the one you love. Featuring soulful vocals, electric guitar, drums and bass.

@1songs, blue eyed soul, blues, introspective, male, man, mellow, men, robert cray, rock, slow, song, soulful, vocals

Side By Side-WCT

A mellow acoustic guitar, synth and bells track. Perfect for time with children, romantic comedies and quirky scenes with the likes of Zooey Deschanel.

acoustic guitar, baby, bells, birth, caring, child, children, comedy, gentle, hospital, infant, loving, mellow, nursery, pregnancy, preschool, quiet, quirky, romantic, romcom, school, slow, soft, synth

Running In Slow Motion

An inspiring orchestral/piano track. Great underscore for uplifting moments that deserve to be set apart from the rest.

chariots of fire, dream, dreamy, drums, echo, gentle, happy, harp, hope, hopeful, inspired, inspiring, joyous, orchestra, orchestral, piano, quiet, slow, soft, strings, surreal, synth, timpani, uplifting

Whiskey and Pills

Blues rock with a disoriented and edgy vibe. Perfect underscore for adding an intoxicated and dangerous vibe to your production.

blues rock, disoriented, drugs, drunk, edgy, high, intoxicated, off-kilter, slow

Old Dirt Road-WCT

A sweet, acoustic guitar-driven tune. Emotional and uplifting, evoking nostalgic memories of country days gone by.

acoustic, acoustic guitar, folksy, gentle, mellow, nostalgic, organ, peaceful, quiet, slow, sweet

Nightmare Man

A dark and foreboding track with a sense of impending doom. This orchestral cue rises in energy throughout.

danger, dark, doom, evil, fear, hell, impending, loud, orchestra, orchestral, riser, scary, slow, surprising, threat

Mellow Fellow

A sensual, slow jam cue. Soulful and smooth.

club, clubbing, electric guitar, evening, fun, love, night, r&b, rnb, sensual, sexy, slow, slow jam, smooth, soul, soulful, street, synth, urban

Life Story

A soft and tender piano track, underscored with strings and celesta.

depressing, down, emotional, low key, melancholy, piano, piano driven, sad, slow, soft, strings, tender, viola

Inner Monologue

A tender piano tune. Light and emotional.

dramatic, emotional, light, mellow, piano melody, quiet, sad, slow, soft, tender, thoughtful

I Can't Feel You

A heartfelt song about falling out of love and feeling distant. A soulful and moody pop rock song.

@1songs, blue, conflict, down, electric guitar, emotional, female, heartfelt, keyboard, losing, lost, love, melancholy, men, moody, sad, slow, soul, soulful, tender, vocals, woman, women

Exotic Adventure

Welcome to the jungle! This track is full of the mystery and excitement of long lost civilizations and journeys to faraway places.

action, adventure, adventurous, epic, exotic, forest, indiana jones, journey, jungle, long lost, mountain, mysterious, mystery, orchestra, shrouded, sinister, slow, symphony

Boy Who Loved Songs

Funny yet poignant lyric about a boy who is obsessed with music and happily lost in his dreams. And maybe his dreams are better than the real thing anyway? At the core it's about doing your own thing and being true to your nature no matter what anyone else thinks.

@1songs, indie pop rock, male vocal, mellow, poignant, pop rock, quirky, sing-song, singing, slow, song

Woozy Bluesy

Slow blues guitar creates a humorous drunk and disoriented vibe.

bb king, blues, blues guitar, bluesy, dazed, dizzy, dopey, drinking, drunk, drunkard, groggy, lush, slow

Scene Queen

Straight-ahead rock track that sounds like a band playing in a nightclub. Inspired by songs like "The Subways - Rock n Roll Queen" and "The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner."

assault, brawl, club, electric guitar, fight, guitar solo, loud, medium, melee, nightclub, rock, rough, slow, straight ahead, tough, violence, violent