Tracks tagged "rural"


An eclectic mixture of heavy electronic dance with country dobro lead.

blues, car, country, dance, dobro, Duck Dynasty, eclectic, electronic, grooving, groovy, heavy, medium tempo, rural, south, southern, truck, unique, unusual, weird

Oakleaf Trail-WCT

Heartfelt acoustic guitar track with solo violin. Peaceful and relaxing. Great music to underscore love and romance, nature, rural settings, friendship etc.

friendly, rural, rustic, sincere, warm

Coal Miner-WCT

A laid-back and soulful track featuring acoustic guitar. It has an Americana vibe. Great music to underscore nature, rural areas, a sentimental or romantic scene or a reunion between family members, friends or lovers.

dirt roads, heartfelt, heartland, nature, rural

Dirt Road Blues-WCT

A southern acoustic blues instrumental with soulful guitar licks and a classic chord progression. Great for scenes depicting the American South and the grandeur of beautiful rural America.

acoustic guitar, america, blues, countryside, dirt road, idyllic, innocent, medium tempo, plodding, rural, soulful, south, walking


This soft and expansive acoustic guitar track will add space and depth to your scene. It evokes the quiet, stillness and beauty of the great American West.

acoustic guitar, ambient, american west, beautiful, brokeback mountain, country, cowboy, depressed, depressing, gentle, lonely, melancholic, melancholy, mellow, quiet, ranch, rancher, relaxing, rural, sad, slow, soft, still, stillness, west

Rock Man

A celebratory modern rock track with soaring electric guitar melodies.

america, bar, bright, cars, celebration, country, cowboy, electric guitar, happy, party, peppy, rural, soaring guitar, strong, uplifting

Dakota Sky-WCT

This instrumental evokes wide-open countrysides and the beauty of nature. A positive and uplifting acoustic guitar track.

acoustic guitar, america, beautiful, beauty, country, happy, medium tempo, nature, positive, rural, wide open countryside

Boxcar Travelers-WCT

A soothing down home bluegrass tune played on banjo and acoustic guitar. Bring the serenity and simplicity of rural America to your production!

acoustic guitar, banjo, bluegrass, gentle, innocent, mellow, rural, serene, serenity, simple

Rock School

Catchy rock track. Could be used as a theme song. Perfect music to underscore people having fun, parties, commercials, sports and any production that needs a shot of good time rock n' roll!

america, bar, cars, catchy, country, cowboy, fast, fights, fun, good time, loud, medium, men, party, rock, rock 'n roll, rural, sports, straight ahead, strong