Tracks tagged "hot cars"


Fast and furious rock with loud guitars and lots of attitude. Sounds like the Offspring, Motorhead, Sum 41, Green Day, Blink-182 etc. NASCAR, extreme sports, action-packed determination, hot cars, men's fashion.

action packed, attitude, blink-182, determined, electric guitar driven, extreme sports, fast, furious, green day, harsh, hot cars, loud, men, men's fashion, motorhead, nascar, offspring, sum 41


Hi-energy classic rock with a fun, party vibe that's played with wild abandon. Think beach and tailgate parties, frat parties, teens going wild and crazy and total destruction.

action, corporate, cowboy, destruction, electric guitar solo, energetic, fun, high energy, hot cars, loud, party, presentations, raucous, rock, sports, western, whoopee, wild