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A straight-ahead and fun Drum 'n Bass track featuring electric bass and electric guitar hooks in the middle. Modern production values.

continuous, driving, drum 'n bass, electric bass, electric guitar, electronic, electronica, synths, techno

Eastern Vibes-WCT

Hip-Hop track with Eastern sounds and cool beats. Rich percussive grooves, flute and Indian strings blend with hip-hop beats and deep bass-lines. Upbeat and sexy, positive attitude.

bass, beats, bouncy, cool, dance, eastern, exotic, far east, fun, groovy, hip-hop, indian, indian strings, middle eastern, pakistan, percussion, positive, sitar, sultry, uplifting


A Dubstep/Moombahstep track with big punchy drums, electro synths, driving bass and electric guitars. Aggressive, yet melodic synths. It is energetic and has an uplifting mood overall. Trendy and well suited for sports and car commercials.

aggressive, cars, cool, dubstep, edgy, energetic, moombahstep, punchy, skrillex, sports, teen pop, toyota

Electronic Midnight-WCT

Edgy, exciting, crazy, loud and fun! Perfect for a crowd-pumping club scene.

dance, edm, electronic, glow stick, house, modern, synths, techno


A dark and ambient pop instrumental track. Modern production values.

ambient pop, clean electric guitar, dark, depressed, drum machine, electric bass, piano, sad


This lighthearted acoustic folk song features a sweet and catchy melody played on acoustic guitar and piano making for a nice and simple tune.

acoustic, acoustic guitar, catchy, innocent, light hearted, love, medium tempo, piano, quirky, simple, sweet

Emen Jouva-WCT

Lie back and allow all the tension and stress to gently flow from your body. Empty your mind and slip peacefully into a blissful state of calm relaxation. Delicate, tranquil sounds and tones softly glide forth as you breathe deeply and drift into soothing, pastoral, tranquility. Yoga, meditation... so sublime.

balance, body, calm, chill out, flowing, flying, freedom, leisure, light, massage, meditation, relax, relaxation, sauna, sensuality, soft, spa, trance, underscore, well-being, yoga, zen

Emergency Procedure-WCT

Evocative, colorful and percussive underscore inspired by visions of science, medicine, research labs, CSI and technology.

business, corporate, medicine, percussive, science, technology

Emotional Landscape

Electric piano and harmonica create a reflective and melancholic mood. Great music to underscore sadness, romance or any scene that pulls at the heartstrings.

loss, love, reflective, romantic, sad, sweet. heartwarming, tender


Acoustic, electric and processed guitars, with various other plucked and strummed instruments, percussion and pads creates a landscape of optimism, beauty, serenity and introspection.

acoustic, dreamy, flowing, introspective, reflective, soft, warm


A slightly sad Electro Pop instrumental cue with a classic chord progression. Great underscore for melancholic scenes.

ambient, clean electric guitar, drum machine, electric bass, electro pop, melancholic, melancholy, sad, synths, teenager

Endless Night-WCT

Atmospheric and groovy hip-hop track, featuring piano, smooth keys, deep bass-line and edgy beats. Reflective and sophisticated mood that flirts with trip-hop and underground grooves. Late night listening with a cool, laid-back vibe.

chilling, cool, crime, Drake, gangs, gangsta, gritty, grooving, harlem, hood, hot, instrumental, melancholic, melancholy, mysterious, mystery, Nas, pensive, sad, sexy, sophisticated, street life, thoughtful, thug life, Tupac, underground, urban, Wu Tang Clan

Endless Summer-WCT

Electro pop instrumental track, with a fresh and youthful sound. Combines modern synths and club beats for a carefree, energetic dancing track. Perfect for fashion shows, sports highlights, youth targeted commercials and reality TV.

Avicii, bouncy, breezy, bright, calvin harris, carefree, celebratory, clubbing, David Guetta, energizing, fashion, fun, hot, Icona Pop, joyful, lively, models, motivational, nightclub, party, partying, rhythmic, Rita Ora, runway, sexy


Piano-driven electro-house track, perfect for aerobics and workout routines. An uptempo and very energetic tune. Motivating and uplifting. The piano blends with modern electro bass-lines and the beats are the driving force of the track. Clean and modern production.

aerobics, dance-pop, energetic, happy, house, joyful, loud, motivational, piano, piano-driven, positive, pumping, synths, teen pop, wholesome, workout

Eon's Tune-WCT

Light-hearted track with vocal humming, accordion, over a polka groove.

accordion, acoustic, acoustic guitar, care free, carefree, comedy, drums, humming, light hearted, light-hearted, oompa, polka, quirky, silly, upright bass, vocal

Epic Majestic-WCT

A track for modern distopian grunge apocalyptic worlds. Has some surprise twists and subtleties which make it stand apart from current trailer-oriented motifs.

action, angry, choir, cool, elon musk, epic, goth, ingenuity, orchestral, persevere, power, pursuit, rock, superhero, tesla


A mellow and ambient pop instrumental. Features a piano hook and atmospheric electric guitar.

atmospheric, clean electric guitar, drum machine, light, low-key, mellow, soft


Beautiful piano melody with epic string orchestra and choir. Hopeful in mood with driving energy.

dark epic, distressed, empirical, orchestral rock, quantum approach


A deep, soulful house track featuring hypnotic bass lines, club beats, dreamy pads, synths, percussion and sparse female vocals. Atmospheric and groovy track for the late night clubbers. Great for fashion shows, aerobics, dancing promos, retail sales and youth targeted brands.

beach, catwalk, clubbing, dance, driving, fashionable, glamour, high end, high fashion, house, luxurious, medium tempo, minor, mysterious, nightclub, partying, pulsating, runway, sexy, sophisticated, sports, sultry, vocal